Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4520.By Del. Manchin, Reynolds, Longstreth, Shott, Hatfield, Fleischauer, Doyle, Stowers and Caputo - Prohibiting healthcare providers from discriminating against or refusing treatment of a patient - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4521.By Del. Varner, Perry, White, Kominar, Cann, Shaver, Perdue, Williams, Stowers, Hunt and Miley - Creating a sales tax holiday for purchases of guns and ammunition (FN) - To Finance

4522.By Del. Klempa, Caputo, Miley, Fragale, Ferro, Longstreth, Manchin, Ellem, Shott and Frazier - Relating to prescribing regulations governing the advertising of alcoholic liquors and nonintoxicating beers - To Judiciary

4523.By Del. Longstreth, Walker, T., Guthrie, Poore and Mahan - Requiring applicants for, and holders of, licenses under the West Virginia Real Estate License Act to successfully pass criminal history record checks - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4524.By Del. Martin, Kominar, Reynolds, Walker, D. and Morgan - Revising the definition of "all-terrain vehicle" and including a definition for utility terrain vehicle - To Roads and Transportation then Government Organization

4525.By Del. Caputo, Miley, Hunt, Butcher, Craig, Boggs, Mahan, Kominar, Varner, Hamilton and White - Changing the composition, powers and responsibilities of the board of Coal Mine Health and Safety - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4526.By Del. Spencer, Fleischauer, Staggers, Klempa, Hunt, Kominar and Campbell - Requiring the removal of ice and snow from vehicles before operating them on highways - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary