Wednesday, February 17, 2010

House Concurrent Resolutions

By Del. Frazier, Wooton and Ellem - Requesting the Joint Committee on Government and Finance to study the efficiency and effectiveness of forensic services of West Virginia - To Rules

By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Del. Anderson, Andes, Argento, Armstead, Ashley, Azinger, Barker, Beach, Blair, Boggs, Border, Brown, Butcher, Campbell, Cann, Canterbury, Caputo, Carmichael, Cowles, Craig, Crosier, Doyle, Duke, Eldridge, Ellem, Ennis, Evans, Ferro, Fleischauer, Fragale, Frazier, Givens, Guthrie, Hall, Hamilton, Hartman, Hatfield, Hunt, Hutchins, Iaquinta, Ireland, Klempa, Kominar, Lane, Lawrence, Longstreth, Louisos, Mahan, Manchin, Manypenny, Marshall, Martin, McGeehan, Michael, Miley, Miller, C., Miller, J., Moore, Morgan, Moye, Overington, Paxton, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Phillips, Poling, D., Poling, M., Poore, Porter, Reynolds, Rodighiero, Romine, Ross, Rowan, Schadler, Schoen, Shaver, Shook, Shott, Skaff, Smith, Sobonya, Spencer, Staggers, Stephens, Stowers, Sumner, Susman, Swartzmiller, Talbott, Varner, Walker, D., Walker, T., Walters, Wells, White, Williams and Wooton - Erection of signs near Mahan and Oak Hill, in Fayette County, indicating the crossing of the 38th Parallel North in honor of the Veterans of the Korean War.

House Joint Resolutions

By Del. McGeehan, Shott and Miller, J. - Term Limitations Amendment - To Constitutional Revision then Judiciary