Wednesday, February 10, 2010

House Convenes 11:00 am

Committee on Agriculture

8:30 am - Room 215-E

H.B. 4201 - Creating the Livestock Care Standards Board

Committee on Banking & Insurance

10:00 am - Room 215-E

Committee on Constitutional Revision

2:00 pm - Room 410

Committee on Health & Human Resources

4:00 pm - Room 215-E

H.B. 4374 - Care Givers Consent Act
H.B. 4220 - Practice of medical imaging & radiation therapy

Committee on Natural Resources

9:15 am - Room 215-E

H.B. 4219 -Geologic information obtained incidental to oil and gas drilling
H.B. 4286 - Extending provision allowing increase in DNR license/stamp fee
H.B. 4293 - Relating to reporting beaver trapping

Committee on Pensions & Retirement

10:00 am - Room 460

H.B 4213 - Municipal employees may receive up to two years retirement service credit for military service
H.B. 4185 - Mandatory retirement age of deputy sheriffs
H.B. 4392 - Consolidated Retirement Board to deduct from benefits to retirees sums to pay retiree association dues and provide associations lists of plan beneficiaries and addresses

Committee on Political Subdivisions

1:00 pm - Room 215-E

H.B. 4129 - Municipalities/counties able to increase rate of property taxes by more than ten percent in given year when election is held
S.B. 388 - Specifying number of members on municipal planning boards and commissions

Committee on Roads and Transportation

2:00 pm - Room 215-E

H.B. 4222 - Exempting antique vehicles from personal property taxes
H.B. 4323 - Prohibits use of turning lanes for through traffic under certain circumstances
H.B. 4341 - Authorizes electronic collection of tolls

Committee on Senior Citizen Issues

3:00 pm - Room 215-E

Presentations: Chris Morris, Tax Commissioner on simplifying tax credits for senior citizens; and
Chris Hedges, Assistant Attorney General on the regulation of private cemeteries



Thursday, February 11 - 1:00 pm

Power Point Presentation by Delegate Eldridge

Mixed Martial Arts

Monday, February 15th

9:30 - 10:30 am - Veteran's Visibility Day at the Legislature Presentation

Thursday, February 18th - 1:00 pm

The Schools of Business and Economics of West Virginia and Marshall University will present a new Coal Impact Study