Monday, February 08, 2010

SB 500 - Sen. Bowman
Extending expiration date reducing federal adjusted gross income for state personal income tax


SB 501 - Sen. Williams
Excluding veteran disability income from spousal support calculation


SB 502 - Sen. Williams and Caruth
Requiring DEP final actions for coal mine permits be completed by certain date

Energy, Industry and Mining

SB 503 - Sen. Edgell
Reducing per diem rate for volunteers transporting veterans

Military then Finance

SB 504 - Sen. K. Facemyer
Verifying workers legal employment status

Labor then Judiciary

SB 505 - Sen. Fanning
Updating Logging Sediment Control Act

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 506 - Sen. Foster
Imposing penalties for falsifying State Police Retirement Fund records (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 507 - Sen. K. Facemyer and Caruth
Creating Innovative Mine Safety Technology Tax Credit Act

Economic Development then Finance

SB 508 - Sen. Fanning
Transferring certain powers from DNR to Division of Forestry

Natural Resources then Government Organization

SB 509 - Sen. K. Facemyer, Caruth and Williams
Requiring DEP monitor certain litigation

Natural Resources then Energy, Industry and Mining
SB 510 - Sen. Fanning
Extending DNR license and stamp fees sunset provision

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 511 - Sen. Fanning
Relating to tagging and checking beaver pelts

Natural Resources

SR 19 - Sen. Deem
Congratulating Erica Jade Goldsmith, 2010 Miss WV USA