Tuesday, February 09, 2010

SB 512 - Sen. Fanning
Increasing game trap markings

Natural Resources

SB 513 - Sen. Chafin
Creating Volunteer Firefighters Length of Service Awards Program


SB 514 - Sen. Jenkins, Stollings and Foster
Clarifying certain language in Controlled Substances Monitoring Act

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 515 - Sen. Kessler
Prohibiting certain firearm purchase


SB 516 - Sen. Fanning
Creating public shooting ranges permits

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 517 - Sen. Jenkins, Foster, Minard, Stollings, Wells, Caruth and Sypolt
Creating Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act (IB)


SB 518 - Sen. McCabe, Caruth, Browning, Barnes, Hall, Sypolt, Deem, Boley, Guills, K. Facemyer, Minard, Plymale, Wells, Stollings, Jenkins, Edgell, Williams, D. Facemire, Palumbo, Green, Tomblin (Mr. President), Yost, Fanning, Helmick, White, Kessler, Chafin and Laird
Creating Governor's Commission to Seize Future of Energy for America (FN)

Energy, Industry and Mining then Finance

SCR 24 - Sen. Stollings and Tomblin (Mr. President)
Requesting DOH name bridge in Boone County "Private First Class Edward C. Miller Memorial Bridge"

SCR 25 - Sen. Stollings and Tomblin (Mr. President)
Requesting DOH name bridge in Wayne County "Master Sergeant Ernie Wallace Memorial Bridge"

SCR 26 - Sen. Wells
Requesting DOH name bridge in Kanawha County "Private First Class Vernon L. Dillard Memorial Bridge"