Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SB 520 - Sen. Bowman, McCabe and Stollings
Authorizing Finance Division ensure certain agencies comply with comprehensive annual financial report deadlines

Government Organization then Finance

SB 521 - Sen. Minard
Transferring certain professional bondsmen oversight from Supreme Court to Insurance Commissioner

Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SB 522 - Sen. Caruth
Authorizing FBI criminal history record checks for child welfare agencies

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 523 - Sen. Minard and D. Facemire
Requiring DHHR recommendations for traumatic brain injury Medicaid waiver (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Finance

SB 524 - Sen. Prezioso, Stollings, Foster, Hall, Jenkins, Minard and Caruth
Authorizing pilot program for nursing home medication administration (IB)

Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

SB 525 - Sen. Minard and D. Facemire
Issuing revenue bonds to keep state parks in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 526 - Sen. Fanning, Edgell, White and Sypolt
Finding and declaring certain claims against state


SB 527 - Sen. Unger
Requiring State Rail Authority establish transportation and local rail service plan

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance
SB 528 - Sen. Prezioso
Creating Commission on Scope of Practice in Health Care Delivery

Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

SB 529 - Sen. Edgell
Creating Surface Owners' Rights Recognition Act

Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary

SB 530 - Sen. Boley, White and Bowman
Requiring children entering school prove certain immunization

Education then Health and Human Resources

SB 531 - Sen. Bowman
Changing Technology-Related Assistance Revolving Loan Fund for Individuals With Disabilities Board meeting requirements

Health and Human Resources then Finance

SB 532 - Sen. Kessler
Repealing sections requiring fiduciary commissioners publish notice

Judiciary then Finance

SB 533 - Sen. Kessler
Revising statutory language regarding child abuse


SB 534 - Sen. Kessler
Requiring practitioners report suspected controlled substance prescription fraud

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 535 - Sen. Kessler
Relating to fleeing law-enforcement vehicle stop


SCR 27 - Sen. Prezioso
Amending Joint Rules to create Joint Committee on Scope of Medical Practice

SR 20 - Sen. Plymale and Tomblin (Mr. President)
Designating February 10, 2010, "Marshall University Day"

SR 21 - Sen. Chafin
Honoring Donald Spence for dedication to education