Thursday, February 11, 2010

SB 536 - Sen. Fanning
Establishing industrial and commercial fire permits and fee for forests and wildlife areas

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 537 - Sen. Snyder, Edgell, Laird and Unger
Authorizing real property transfer tax collected by state be paid to counties (FN)

Government Organization then Finance

SB 538 - Sen. Kessler, Minard, Foster, Edgell, D. Facemire and Oliverio
Defining charitable organization's inaugural committe's disbursement of excess contributions


SB 539 - Sen. Kessler
Designating portion of State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund for school athletics

Education then Finance

SB 540 - Sen. D. Facemire, Kessler, Boley, Barnes, McCabe, Helmick, Foster and Edgell
Reducing federal adjusted income for election officials (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 541 - Sen. Jenkins
Increasing penalties for passing stopped school bus

Education then Judiciary

SB 542 - Sen. Stollings, Williams, Fanning, Chafin and D. Facemire
Including utility terrain vehicle in "all-terrain vehicle" definition

Transportation and Infrastructure

SB 543 - Sen. Plymale
Authorizing Energy and Water Savings Revolving Loan Fund Program rule for Higher Education Policy Commission

Education then Finance

SB 544 - Sen. Green
Requiring death certificate state cause of death in legible fashion

Government Organization then Finance
SB 545 - Sen. Minard (By Request)
Creating Drunk Driving Victims' Compensation Fund

Judiciary then Finance

SB 546 - Sen. Minard, Yost, Snyder, Edgell and Boley
Clarifying audit-supporting documentation confidentiality

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 547 - Sen. Tomblin (Mr. President) and Stollings
Correcting inconsistency in school board levies' code

Government Organization

SB 548 - Sen. Tomblin (Mr. President) and Stollings
Extending time Boone County Board of Education can meet as levying body

Government Organization

SB 549 - Sen. Browning
Relating to development of telecommunication and information services by public service districts

Transportation and Infrastructure

SB 550 - Sen. Laird
Establishing driver's license restoration program (FN)

Judiciary then Finance