Thursday, February 18, 2010

SB 600 - Sen. Bowman
Setting salary range for Lottery Director

Government Organization then Finance

SB 601 - Sen. Snyder
Clarifying procedures for protection of burial sites

Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary

SB 602 - Sen. Helmick
Repealing outdated and obsolete sections of tax code


SB 603 - Sen. Stollings
Requiring minimum level of health insurance plan coverage to out-of-network providers in certain situations

Health and Human Resources then Banking and Insurance

SB 604 - Sen. Bowman
Extending mental hygiene procedures sunset provision

Government Organization

SB 605 - Sen. Plymale
Increasing nonintoxicating beer barrel tax (FN)


SB 606 - Sen. McCabe and Helmick
Creating WV Ski Resort Industry Commission

Economic Development then Finance

SB 607 - Sen. Wells
Adopting Uniform State Military Code of Justice

Military then Judiciary

SB 608 - Sen. Plymale
Authorizing county boards of education obtain central office administrator services under certain agreement

Education then Finance

SB 609 - Sen. Chafin
Increasing court reporter's page rates for typewritten transcripts

Judiciary then Finance
SR 28 - Sen. Stollings
Recognizing Boy Scouts of America on its 100th anniversary

SR 29 - Sen. Snyder
Recognizing accomplishments of Jefferson County Black History Preservation Society

SR 30 - Sen. Prezioso
Recognizing Marion County native D. D. Meighen

SR 31 - Sen. Unger
Recognizing WV Commission for Sesquicentennial of American Civil War