Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2552.By Del. Lane, Anderson, Armstead, Cowles, Duke, Evans, Kump, Overington, Romine, Sigler and Storch - Providing for a new election to fill a vacancy in the Office of Governor - To Judiciary then Finance

2553.By Del. Barker and Hall - Subjecting certain inmates that commit first degree murder to capital punishment - To Judiciary then Finance

2554.By Del. Howell, Canterbury, C. Miller, Sobonya, Ellem, Carmichael, Sumner, Duke, Kominar, White and R. Phillips - Intrastate Coal and Use Act - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

2555.By Del. Martin, Cann, Ferro, Cowles and Kominar - Establishing the misdemeanor offense of operating a motor vehicle while sending, reading or receiving a text message - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

2556.By Del. Perry, M. Poling, Shaver, Lawrence, Stowers, Moye, Romine and Duke - Resetting the expiration date of provisions that allow the employment of retired teachers as substitutes beyond the post-retirement employment limit - To Education then Finance - [Interim Bill]

2557.By Del. M. Poling, Hamilton and Smith - Extending the time for the Board of Education of Upshur County to meet as a levying body - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary - [Local Bill]

2558.By Del. Mahan, Fleischauer, Brown, Fragale, Ferro, Ennis, Longstreth, Stowers, L. Phillips and Rowan - Establishing the Office of Child Advocacy (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance - [Interim Bill]

2559.By Del. Ellem, D. Poling, Azinger, Anderson, Border, Hatfield, Staggers, Lawrence and C. Miller - Establishing the Oral Health Pilot Program in the Mid-Ohio Valley Region (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance

2560.By Del. Perry, Stowers and Romine - Relating to the employment of personnel in public schools - To Education - [Interim Bill]

2561.By Del. Martin, Ferro, Barker, Cowles, C. Miller, Kominar and Swartzmiller - Creating the West Virginia Transportation Finance Commission - To Government Organization then Finance

2562.By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hartman, Manypenny, Martin, Staggers, Swartzmiller, Talbott and Azinger - Relating to the State Athletic Commission - To Government Organization then Finance

2563.By Del. Perry, M. Poling, Shaver, Lawrence, Moye, Stowers, Romine and Duke - Relating to reimbursement of tuition, registration and other required fees for course work completed by teachers - To Education then Finance - [Interim Bill]

2564.By Del. Smith, Boggs, Miley, Walker, Skaff, Ennis, Moore, Poore, Fragale, M. Poling and White - Designating the first Thursday in May the West Virginia Day of Prayer - To Government Organization

2565.By Del. Frazier, Miley, Brown, Caputo, Longstreth, Moore, Ellem, Hamilton and Sobonya - Relating to crimes using computers, telephones and electronic devices - To Judiciary then Finance - [Interim Bill]

2648.By Del. Iaquinta, Anderson, M. Poling, Crosier and Fragale - Increasing the faculty senate allotment for classroom teachers and librarians (FN) - To Education then Finance