Friday, February 4, 2011

3005.By Del. Hatfield, Guthrie, Poore, Moore, Marshall, Caputo, Cann, Butcher, Longstreth, D. Poling and Martin - Ensuring Patient Safety Act - To Judiciary

3006.By Del. Doyle, Swartzmiller, Guthrie, Morgan and Storch [By Request of the Racing Commission] - Changing the title of the West Virginia Racing Commission's racing secretary to executive director - To Government Organization

3007.By Del. Perry - Providing retention salary increases for the Division of Corrections and the Division of Juvenile Services employees (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3008.By Del. Perry - Adjusting the amount of pay a retired state worker can make while collecting retirement (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

3009.By Del. Rowan, Canterbury, Sigler, Sumner, Romine, Evans, Smith, Snuffer, Kump, Hamilton and Ireland - Raising the maximum personal income tax exemption for persons over the age of sixty-five and for persons who are totally disabled (FN) - To Finance

3010.By Del. Rodighiero - Ensuring patient safety - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

3011.By Del. White, Cann, T. Campbell and Kominar [By Request of the Department of Administration] - Expanding the number of hours temporary state personnel may work in a calendar year - To Government Organization then Finance

3012.By Del. White, T. Campbell, Cann and Kominar [By Request of the Department of Administration] - Clarifying that the Office of Technology is responsible for the retirement or transfer of certain information technology equipment - To Government Organization then Judiciary

3013.By Del. White [By Request of the Department of Commerce] - Extending the Broadband Deployment Council - To Finance

3014.By Del. Marshall and Longstreth - Increasing the limit on the size of voting precincts (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3015.By Del. Longstreth, Caputo, White, Kominar and Martin - The Healthy and Safe Workplace Act - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

3016.By Del. White, T. Campbell, Cann and Kominar [By Request of the Department of Administration] - Relating to the responsibilities of the real estate director (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

3017.By Del. M. Poling, Paxton, Perry, Smith, Shaver, Duke, Ennis, Craig, Pethtel and Williams - Cleaning up and adding language about higher education governance - To Education then Finance