Thursday, February 10, 2011


3087.By Del. Frazier and Lawrence - Requiring qualifying law-enforcement officers employed by a West Virginia law-enforcement agency to receive certification to carry a concealed firearm nationwide (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


3088.By Del. Manypenny and Fleischauer - West Virginia Energy Efficiency Act (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


3089.By Del. Moye, Mahan, Kominar, Lawrence, Caputo, Doyle, Longstreth, Manchin, Fleischauer and Frazier - Increasing the number of allowable magistrate court deputy clerks (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


3090.By Del. Martin and D. Poling - Relating to oversight, care and maintenance of certain highways used in natural gas and oil production - To Roads and Transportation then Finance


3091.By Del. Frazier - Relating to review of health insurer rate changes - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


3092.By Del. Pethtel, Frazier, Duke, Givens, Marshall, Martin, Ferro, Hall, Guthrie and Ennis - Relating to voluntary deductions by the Consolidated Public Retirement Board - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance


3093.By Del. Howell, Hartman, Hall, R. Phillips, Sobonya, Walker, Hamilton, Storch and Skaff - Clarifying language relating to offenses occurring at the State Capitol - To Judiciary


3094.By Del. Smith, Jones, L. Phillips, D. Poling, Longstreth, Shaver, Walker, Fragale, Caputo, Martin and Staggers - Requiring the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to use existing department funds to develop a program to compensate employees for personal property loss (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


3095.By Del. D. Poling, Anderson, Border, Manypenny, Guthrie, Ireland and Ellem - Relating to livestock in dire or extreme condition - To Agriculture then Judiciary


3096.By Del. D. Poling and Ellem - Instituting new rules for hiring and firing of law-enforcement officers that leave a training academy - To Judiciary


3097.By Del. Smith, Cann, Ferro, Longstreth, D. Poling, Shaver, Varner, Walker, Martin, Michael and Rodighiero - Removing the armed conflict requirement before state employees may receive credit for time served in the Armed Forces (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance


3098.By Del. Butcher, Stowers, Barker, Kominar, Varner and Fragale - Clarifying levels of West Virginia Greyhound Breeding Development Fund payouts, and providing funding for greyhound adoption and spay and neutering programs - To Agriculture then Finance


3099.By Del. Varner, Kominar, White, Pethtel, Ferro, Ennis, Ferns, Skaff, Storch, Givens and Nelson - Marcellus Gas and Manufacturing Development Act (FN) - To Finance