Friday, February 11, 2011


3100.By Del. Skaff, Brown, Craig, Morgan, Fragale, Moore, Poore, Wells, Michael, Caputo and Andes - Permitting the sale of liquor on election day - To Judiciary


3101.By Del. Hartman, Michael, Perry, Evans, Azinger and Williams - Clarifying the intent of the Legislature as to the measure of tax imposed on a person who produces timber (FN) - To Finance


3102.By Del. Martin (By Request) - Granting access to unused property of the Department of Highways to certain real property owners - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary


3103.By Del. Hall, D. Campbell, L. Phillips, Hatfield, Skaff, Wells, Poore, Brown and Guthrie - Amending recount procedures - To Judiciary


3104.By Del. Ellington, Ellem, Gearheart, Sigler, Perdue, Hall, M. Poling, Carmichael, Householder and Rowan - Relating to health professionals student loan programs - To Education then Finance


3105.By Del. Lawrence, Smith, Ellem, Ferro, Pino, M. Poling and D. Campbell - Providing immunity from civil or criminal liability for first responders who use forced entry to a residence - To Judiciary


3106.By Del. Reynolds, Fleischauer, T. Campbell, Lawrence, Hunt, Sobonya, Caputo, Ellem, Poore, Skaff and Walker - Regulating the use of the internet by children - To Judiciary


3107.By Del. Longstreth, Manypenny, Barker, Martin, Moore, Fleischauer, Rowan, D. Poling, Ellem, Rodighiero and Boggs - Implementing an agreement among the states to elect the President and Vice President by national popular vote - To Judiciary


3108.By Del. Hunt (By Request) - Providing permanent total disability recipients annual cost-of-living allowances (FN) - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Finance


3109.By Del. Morgan, Crosier, Shaver, Hartman, Iaquinta and Talbott - Permitting unit owners' associations to institute legal action against a unit owner to collect dues or assessments that are overdue - To Judiciary


3110.By Del. Barker, Kump, Butcher and Manypenny - Establishing a living minimum wage for public employees (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


3111.By Del. Barker, Kump, Butcher and Manypenny - Providing state employees with a cost of living salary adjustment - To Government Organization then Finance


3112.By Del. Lawrence and Barker [By Request of the Secretary of State's Office] - Clarifying the distinction of nonprofit in charitable organizations - To Judiciary


3113.By Del. Gearheart, Frazier and Ellington - Exempting nonprofit, tax exempt corporations or organizations affiliated with a church from consumer sales and service tax - To Finance


3114.By Del. Mahan, Moye, Sumner, Crosier, O'Neal and Snuffer - Allowing the development and operation of a nursing home on the grounds of a critical access hospital meeting certain restrictions - To Judiciary