Thursday, March 17, 2011


[Mr. Speaker, Mr. Thompson, in the Chair]

The House of Delegates met at 4:00 p.m., and was called to order by the Honorable Richard Thompson, Speaker.
Prayer was offered and the House was led in recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.
The roll being called (Roll No. 483), and 84 members having answered to their names, the Speaker declared the presence of a quorum.
The Clerk proceeded to read the Journal of Wednesday, March 16 2011, being the first order of business, when the further reading thereof was dispensed with and the same approved.

On motion of Delegate Boggs, the Speaker was authorized, under House Rule 90, to appoint a Select Committee on Redistricting, consisting of not more than thirty members, to be appointed by the Speaker, and that notwithstanding the provisions of any House Rule to the contrary, this Select Committee shall have jurisdiction of legislative proposals to divide the state into senatorial districts, to apportion delegate representation in the House of Delegates, to divide the state into districts for the election of representatives to the Congress and related matters, and that the rules of the House governing Standing Committees shall govern the actions and proceedings of this Select Committee insofar as applicable.
Committee Reports

Chairman Poore, from the Joint Committee on Enrolled Bills, submitted the following report, which was received:
Your Joint Committee on Enrolled Bills has examined, found truly enrolled, and on the 16th day of March, 2011, presented to His Excellency, the Governor, for his action, the following bills, signed by the Acting President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Delegates:
(Com. Sub. for H. B. 2438), Bringing older contradicting language still remaining in the code into conformity with §3-2-5(b)(3) and reestablishing a definition for "ndependent voter"
(Com. Sub. for H. B. 2626), Authorizing the Department of Commerce to promulgate legislative rules,
(Com. Sub. for H. B. 2750), Adding consideration of sexual assault in issuing an order to temporarily or permanently end a parent-child relationship,
(H. B. 2765), Relating to the retirement plans administered by the West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board,
(H. B. 2971), Relating to the definition of the term "durable medical equipment",
(H. B. 2989), Creating a process by which the West Virginia Racing Commission may grant stay requests,
(Com. Sub. for H. B. 3064), Finding and declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state,
(Com. Sub. for H. B. 3205), Reducing jail sentence for successful completion of education and rehabilitation programs,
(Com. Sub. for S. B. 121), Authorizing DEP promulgate legislative rules,
(Com. Sub. for S. B. 234), Revising Municipal Economic Opportunity Development District Act,
(Com. Sub. for S. B. 235), Revising County Economic Opportunity Development District Act,
(Com. Sub. for S. B. 263), Relating to special plates for testing of vehicles operated by certain nonprofit corporations,
(Com. Sub. for S. B. 282), Continuing Highway Design-Build Pilot Program,
(Com. Sub. for S. B. 295), Authorizing DHHR promulgate legislative rules,
(S. B. 349), Requiring bittering agent be placed in certain engine coolants and antifreezes, (S. B. 413), Changing title of Racing Commission's racing secretary,
(S. B. 514), Authorizing legislative rule for Higher Education Policy Commission regarding authorization of degree-granting institutions,
(S. B. 538), Creating Learn and Earn Cooperative Education Program.
Leaves of Absence

At the request of Delegate Boggs, and by unanimous consent, leaves of absence for the day were granted Delegates Carmichael, Crosier, Ellem, Ellington, Hamilton, Householder, Ireland, Longstreth, Manchin, Manypenny, Michael, Poore, Reynolds, Sigler, Varner and Walters.
At 4:10 p.m., the House of Delegates adjourned until 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 18 2011.