Wednesday, February 09, 2011

SB468. By Sen. Sypolt - Creating Intrastate Coal and Use Act - To Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary

SB469. By Sen. Hall and Browning - Relating to public service district board members - To Government Organization then Finance

SB470. By Sen. Unger, Beach, Klempa, K. Facemyer, Jenkins, Plymale, Foster, Snyder, Browning, McCabe, Stollings, Palumbo, Minard, Williams, Yost, Sypolt, Barnes, Kessler (Acting President), Edgell, Miller and Tucker - Creating misdemeanor offense of unlawful use of wireless communication device for nonvoice communication while operating motor vehicle - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB471. By Sen. Foster, Laird, Kessler (Acting President) and Prezioso - Expanding prescriptive authority of certain nurses - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB472. By Sen. Minard - Exempting certain vendors of portable electronics from insurance licensing requirements - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary

SB473. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President) - Relating to fire chief and deputy chief positions - To Government Organization

SB474. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President), Prezioso, Beach, Williams, Edgell and Palumbo - Relating to manufacturer's liability for prescription drug warning or instruction - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB475. By Sen. Unger - Subsidizing cost of certain municipal audits and government fraud examinations (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance

SB476. By Sen. McCabe, Miller and Hall - Finding and declaring certain claims against state - To Judiciary then Finance

SB477. By Sen. Barnes, Palumbo, Plymale and Tucker - Amending definition of "sexual contact" - To Judiciary

SB478. By Sen. Minard - Prohibiting public body from charging fee for electronic copy of public record - To Judiciary then Finance

SB479. By Sen. Barnes - Exempting antique motor vehicles from personal property taxation (FN) - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance

SCR24. By Sen. Beach - Requesting DOH name bridge in Monongalia County, "Joseph C. Bartolo Memorial Bridge" - Filed for introduction

SCR25. By Sen. Hall and K. Facemyer - Requesting DOH name Route 35 in Putnam and Mason counties, "Fruth-Lanham Highway" - Filed for introduction

SCR26. By Sen. D. Facemire - Requesting DOH name bridge near Walkersville, Lewis County, "SP4 Loyd Eugene Robinson Memorial Bridge" - Filed for introduction

SR23. By Sen. Wells - Recognizing WV Soccer Club Rowdies U14 boys team for outstanding athletic achievement - Filed for introduction

SR24. By Sen. Prezioso, Unger, McCabe, Hall, K. Facemyer, Palumbo, Boley, Barnes, Yost, Edgell, D. Facemire, Foster, Laird, Minard, Helmick, Jenkins, Beach, Browning, Stollings, Klempa, Wells, Wills, Miller, Chafin, Tucker, Williams, Sypolt, Plymale and Nohe - Designating February 9, 2011, "Disability Advocacy Day" - Filed for introduction