Friday, February 11, 2011


SB491. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President) - Creating WV Future Fund - To Energy, Industry and Mining then Finance


SB492. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President), Stollings, McCabe, Foster, Hall, Jenkins and Prezioso - Relating to maximizing federal funding for state Medicaid program - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


SB493. By Sen. Stollings - Exempting DHHR motor vehicles from PSC jurisdiction when used solely to transport Medicaid clients - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB494. By Sen. Beach - Providing additional protections for state forests and other public lands where timbering operations are conducted - To Natural Resources then Judiciary


SB495. By Sen. Palumbo - Relating generally to use of electronic voting systems (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


SB496. By Sen. Palumbo - Relating to emergency powers of Secretary of State - To Government Organization then Judiciary


SB497. By Sen. Palumbo - Repealing article concerning use of certain voting machines - To Judiciary


SB498. By Sen. Beach, Snyder and Edgell - Permitting sale of liquor on election day - To Judiciary then Finance


SB499. By Sen. Laird - Regulating zipline and canopy tour operations - To Economic Development then Judiciary


SB500. By Sen. McCabe, Palumbo, K. Facemyer, Stollings, Williams, Unger, Jenkins, Helmick and Tucker - Modifying deliberate intention exception to employers' immunity from lawsuits based on work-related injuries granted by Workers' Compensation - To Labor then Judiciary


SB501. By Sen. Hall, Barnes, Boley, Sypolt, Nohe and K. Facemyer - Relating to civil actions having both a resident and nonresident plaintiff - To Judiciary


SCR27. By Sen. Stollings - Requesting DOH name bridge in Greenview, Boone County, "PVT Clyde Whitman (Bobbie) Bennett and PFC Oliver Ball, Jr. Memorial Bridge" - Filed for introduction


SCR28. By Sen. Chafin - Requesting DOH name intersection of Stoney Ridge and King Coal Highway in Mercer County "Christine West Interchange" - Filed for introduction


SCR29. By Sen. Chafin - Requesting DOH name King Coal Highway Interchange, at intersection of U. S. Route 52 and U. S. Route 460 in Mercer County "The K. A. Ammar, Jr. Interchange" - Filed for introduction


SCR30. By Sen. Stollings - Requesting DOH name bridge number 03-119-16.22 "PFC Willie Ray Stollings Memorial Bridge" - Filed for introduction