Monday, February 14, 2011


SB502. By Sen. Boley and Nohe - Creating Paternity Justice Act of 2011 - To Judiciary then Finance


SB503. By Sen. Boley and Nohe - Relating to adultery and alimony in divorce proceeding - To Judiciary


SB504. By Sen. Laird and Edgell - Relating to administrative hearings for suspension and revocation of licenses for driving under influence (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


SB505. By Sen. Palumbo - Relating generally to voter registration (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


SB506. By Sen. Snyder - Relating to Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program - To Government Organization then Finance


SB507. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President) - Continuing Broadband Deployment Council - To Government Organization


SB508. By Sen. Beach and Edgell - Allowing certain liquor licensees ability to conduct responsible liquor sampling events - To Government Organization then Judiciary


SB509. By Sen. Beach, Foster, Laird, McCabe, Miller, Minard, Snyder, Stollings and Tucker - Requiring insurance coverage of spouses and dependents for pregnancy and contraceptive services - To Banking and Insurance then Finance


SB510. By Sen. Unger - Relating to requirements for new facility projects of public agencies and projects receiving state funds (FN) - To Finance


SCR31. By Sen. Hall, Boley, Sypolt, Nohe and K. Facemyer - Urging EPA change course and operate in good faith - Filed for introduction


SR25. By Sen. Laird - Designating February 14, 2011 "Corrections Day" - Filed for introduction