Wednesday, February 16, 2011


SB519. By Sen. K. Facemyer - Creating WV Innovative Mine Safety Technology Tax Credit Act (FN) - To Energy, Industry and Mining then Finance


SB520. By Sen. Browning and Stollings - Relating to Economic Development Authority's criteria for loans to tourism projects - To Economic Development then Finance


SB521. By Sen. Sypolt - Imposing statute of limitations for bringing civil action derived from surveying of property - To Judiciary


SB522. By Sen. Boley, Kessler (Acting President), Browning, Sypolt, Miller, Minard, Tucker, Barnes, Klempa, Yost, Edgell and Hall - Requiring parents objecting to immunizations provide written statement in lieu of certificates of proof - To Health and Human Resources then Education


SB523. By Sen. Klempa, Yost, D. Facemire, Edgell, Unger and Barnes - Creating tax credit for apprenticeship training in construction trades (FN) - To Labor then Finance


SB524. By Sen. Hall - Relating to operation of diesel equipment in underground coal mines - To Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary


SB525. By Sen. Snyder - Providing use of lottery funds for public projects - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance


SB526. By Sen. Stollings - Allowing certain emergency service providers possess Naloxone to administer in suspected overdoses - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB527. By Sen. Miller - Relating to having nursing home on grounds of critical access hospital - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB528. By Sen. Yost and Klempa - Allowing certain physically disabled employees work in another classification with continued compensation - To Education then Finance


SB529. By Sen. McCabe - Relating to circumstances giving rise to "state 'on' indicators" for extended unemployment compensation - To Judiciary then Finance


SB530. By Sen. Unger - Clarifying use of certain portion of revenues of racetracks with lottery table games (FN) - To Finance


SB531. By Sen. Snyder - Promulgating rules for environmental sampling - To Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary


SB532. By Sen. Palumbo - Relating to fraud and abuse in Medicaid program - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


SB533. By Sen. Snyder - Relating to preservation of affordable housing in counties with impact fees - To Government Organization then Finance


SCR33. By Sen. Browning - Requesting DOH name bridge on Route 16 in Wyoming County "Justin Lane Haga Janes and Matthew Robert Wrenn Memorial Bridge" - Filed for introduction


SR27. By Sen. Barnes, Laird and Helmick - Recognizing Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America - Filed for introduction