Friday, February 18, 2011


SB543. By Sen. Sypolt (By Request) - Creating WV Gun Owners' Protection Act of 2011 - To Government Organization then Judiciary then Finance


SB544. By Sen. Foster - Relating to municipal policemen's and firemen's pension and relief funds (FN) - To Pensions then Finance


SB545. By Sen. Palumbo, Beach, Snyder, Yost, Klempa, Kessler (Acting President), Browning, Foster, Williams and Unger - Relating to residential rental security deposit return - To Judiciary


SB546. By Sen. Foster - Relating to municipal police and firefighter pensions - To Pensions then Government Organization


SB547. By Sen. Hall - Requiring Water Research Institute develop method for assessing narrative water quality standards - To Natural Resources then Judiciary


SB548. By Sen. Browning - Changing age of consent for refusal of mental health treatment - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB549. By Sen. Wills - Relating to funding for civil legal services for poor - To Judiciary then Finance


SB550. By Sen. Klempa, Kessler (Acting President), Wills, Snyder, Yost, Miller and Edgell - Allowing simulcast pari-mutuel racing within gaming facilities located at historic resort hotels (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


SB551. By Sen. Hall - Relating to method of valuation of certain mine safety equipment - To Judiciary then Finance


SB552. By Sen. Laird and Williams - Creating crime of financial exploitation of elderly, protected or incapacitated person - To Judiciary


SB553. By Sen. Unger, Palumbo, Prezioso, Stollings and Laird - Creating workers' compensation insurance subsidy program for volunteer fire departments - To Finance


SB554. By Sen. Browning and Green - Increasing number of magistrate court deputy clerks (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


SB555. By Sen. K. Facemyer - Creating Medicaid Generic Drug Competition and Savings Act - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


SB556. By Sen. McCabe, Green, Edgell, Helmick, Yost, Browning, Tucker, Miller and Fanning - Relating to Water Development Authority employees (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


SB557. By Sen. Williams - Creating Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs Program (FN) - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance


SB558. By Sen. Plymale - Changing method for determining salary equity among counties for school personnel - To Education then Finance


SB559. By Sen. Plymale, Kessler (Acting President), Unger, Browning and McCabe - Removing expiration date for requiring deposit of moneys into Special Railroad and Intermodal Enhancement Fund - To Finance


SB560. By Sen. Stollings (By Request) - Relating to confidentiality of Health Care Authority's rate setting model - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB561. By Sen. Sypolt (By Request) - Providing alternative mechanisms to supplement strategies to expand broadband in state - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary


SCR36. By Sen. Plymale - Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study educational and communication barriers facing children deaf or hard of hearing - Filed for introduction


SCR37. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President), Unger, Browning and Green - Urging WV Delegation to Congress oppose any action by Congress or President to reduce funding for Community Service Block Grants - Filed for introduction


SCR38. By Sen. Stollings - Requesting Joint Committee on Government and Finance study needs, challenges and issues facing West Virginians with Alzheimer's - Filed for introduction


SR30. By Sen. Stollings, Unger, Hall, Foster, Green and Jenkins - Memorializing life of Catherine L. Larck - Filed for introduction