Monday, February 21, 2011


SB562. By Sen. Minard and D. Facemire - Relating to assets court may consider when determining spousal support - To Judiciary


SB563. By Sen. Foster - Authorizing municipalities to create deferred retirement option plans for certain employees - To Pensions then Finance


SB564. By Sen. Wells, Snyder, Browning, Edgell, D. Facemire, Green, Palumbo, Plymale, Prezioso, Unger, Hall and Barnes - Creating Fiscal and Policy Division under Joint Committee on Government and Finance (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


SB565. By Sen. Palumbo, Wills and Foster - Providing notice and ability to be heard during certain hearings to person residing with victim prior to crime - To Judiciary


SB566. By Sen. McCabe - Relating to other post-employment benefits generally - To Judiciary then Finance


SB567. By Sen. Snyder - Establishing planning commission's rights and obligations when developer files for bankruptcy before development's completion - To Government Organization then Judiciary


SB568. By Sen. Tucker - Providing attorney from public defender office be appointed by judge in certain cases - To Judiciary


SB569. By Sen. Snyder - Increasing homeowners' associations dues to provide sufficient funding for certain maintenance - To Government Organization then Judiciary


SB570. By Sen. Browning, Laird, Williams and Palumbo - Creating Volunteer for Nonprofit Youth Organizations Exemption from Licensing, Certification and Permitting Act - To Government Organization


SB571. By Sen. Miller - Allowing out-of-state medical students committing to practice in underserved areas pay in-state tuition - To Education then Finance


SB572. By Sen. Wills and Snyder - Prohibiting certain employees of Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training from being called as witnesses in certain actions - To Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary


SB573. By Sen. Jenkins - Mandating additional punishment for utilizing minor in commission of crime - To Judiciary


SB574. By Sen. Green, Kessler (Acting President), Beach, Hall, Minard, Plymale, Prezioso and Sypolt - Creating Grieving Parents Act - To Judiciary


SB575. By Sen. McCabe - Creating Energy Intensive Industrial Consumers Revitalization Tax Credit - To Energy, Industry and Mining then Finance


SB576. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President), Wells, Foster, Browning and Green - Authorizing refundable tax credit based upon federal earned income tax credit - To Finance


SB577. By Sen. McCabe - Authorizing School Building Authority award grants and moneys to library boards for construction projects (FN) - To Education then Finance


SB578. By Sen. Hall - Creating Reliability in Expert Testimony Standards Act - To Judiciary


SB579. By Sen. Foster - Making driving under influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs and causing serious bodily harm felony - To Judiciary


SB580. By Sen. Yost - Creating Medication Therapy Management Act - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


SB581. By Sen. Unger and K. Facemyer - Changing beginning date for early voting; allowing Saturday early voting - To Judiciary


SB582. By Sen. Miller and Williams - Relating to seals of notaries and commissioners - To Government Organization


SB583. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President) - Reducing surcharge on fire and casualty insurance policies - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


SB584. By Sen. Jenkins - Permitting nonrenewal of automobile liability insurance policy for failure of consideration - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


SB585. By Sen. Miller and Williams - Permitting Secretary of State dissolve certain corporate entities - To Judiciary


SB586. By Sen. Hall - Amending procedures relating to school personnel and employment of teachers - To Education then Finance


SB587. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President) - Adding small-scale tourism development and ancillary project components to Tourism Development Act - To Economic Development then Finance


SB588. By Sen. Jenkins - Permitting nonrenewal of vehicle insurance when passenger vehicle placed into commercial use - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


SB589. By Sen. Palumbo - Permitting Supreme Court of Appeals create mental hygiene commissioner positions (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


SB590. By Sen. Browning and Green - Removing cap on amount of annual credit awarded for destination tourism expansion projects (FN) - To Economic Development then Finance


SB591. By Sen. Miller and Williams - Authorizing Secretary of State charge fees for electronic and online services - To Judiciary then Finance


SB592. By Sen. Palumbo - Requiring schools have crisis response plans - To Education


SB593. By Sen. Stollings - Allowing registered voters challenge absentee ballots under certain circumstances - To Judiciary


SB594. By Sen. Sypolt - Relating to descriptions of easements and rights-of-way - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary


SB595. By Sen. Sypolt - Requiring certain motor carriers engaged in transportation of solid waste be equipped and operated with truck tarpaulins - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary


SB596. By Sen. Sypolt - Exempting veterinary medications from consumers sales and service tax - To Agriculture then Finance


SB597. By Sen. Sypolt - Relating to notice and removal of personal property from real property after tax sale - To Judiciary


SB598. By Sen. Unger (By Request) - Creating Healthy and Safe Workplace Act - To Labor then Judiciary


SB599. By Sen. Laird - Relating to selection of hearing examiners conducting state agency administrative hearings - To Judiciary then Finance


SB600. By Sen. Unger - Allowing use of partial-match DNA analysis as investigative tool in certain cases - To Judiciary


SB601. By Sen. Unger - Increasing amount of incremental salary increases for eligible state employees (FN) - To Finance


SB602. By Sen. Unger - Creating program for managing workers' compensation coverage of state entities by Insurance Commissioner - To Government Organization then Finance


SB603. By Sen. Jenkins - Including Civil Air Patrol in state entities' workers' compensation coverage (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


SB604. By Sen. Hall - Granting certain property owners access to unused property of DOH - To Transportation and Infrastructure


SB605. By Sen. Williams and Minard - Allowing territorial, not statewide, distribution of wines - To Judiciary


SB606. By Sen. Kessler (Acting President) and Hall [By Request of the Executive] - Providing funding for parkways project along U. S. Route 35 - To Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance


SCR39. By Sen. Wills - Requesting DOH name WV 20 between Cowen and Webster and Nicholas County lines "Chief Samuel 'Ed' Plummer Memorial Highway" - Filed for introduction


SCR40. By Sen. Hall - Requesting DOH name bridge crossing Route 34 at Poplar Fork, Putnam County, "PFC Roger Lee Byus Memorial Bridge, Killed in Action, Vietnam 1969" - Filed for introduction


SCR41. By Sen. Miller - Requesting DOH name bridge that spans Muddy Creek River on Route 3 in Greenbrier County "Campbell Memorial Bridge" - Filed for introduction


SR31. By Sen. Unger and Snyder - Designating February 21, 2011, Jefferson County Day at the Capitol - Filed for introduction


SR32. By Sen. Unger and Snyder - Recognizing Leadership Jefferson - Filed for introduction