Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4103.     By Del. Staggers, Phillips, L., Barker, Ferro, Guthrie and Cowles - Consolidating of government services and enforcement of laws pertaining to the motor carrier industry - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4104.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hatfield, Butcher, Cann, Poling, D., Craig and Swartzmiller - Authorizing professional licensing boards to exempt certain licensees from continuing education requirements - To Government Organization

4105.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Butcher, Talbott, Swartzmiller, Ferns, Jones, Romine, Kump, Nelson and Storch - Establishing criminal penalties for the disruption of emergency communications by theft of equipment - To Government Organization then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]

4106.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Swartzmiller, Givens, Butcher, Talbott, Jones, Romine, Nelson and Storch - Relating to the registration of pawnbrokers (FN) - To Government Organization then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]

4107.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hatfield, Talbott, Martin, Hartman, Staggers, Azinger, Howell and Snuffer - Relating to volunteer firefighter training - To Government Organization - [Interim Bill]

4108.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Boggs, Hatfield, Talbott, Staggers and Snuffer - Authorizing the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection to regulate environmental sampling by legislative rule - To Government Organization then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]

4109.     By Del. Morgan, Givens, Martin, Cann, Hall, Phillips, R., Romine and Householder - Clarifying the application of the sunrise review process to the establishment, revision of expansion of professional scopes of practice - To Government Organization - [Interim Bill]

4110.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hall, Hartman, Householder, Howell, Nelson, Snuffer, Staggers and Swartzmiller - Requiring agencies to review their legislative rules - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4111.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hatfield, Hartman and Swartzmiller - Permitting the Board of Physical Therapists to request an injunction for unauthorized practice - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4112.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hall, Hatfield, Hartman, Householder, Howell, Nelson, Snuffer and Staggers - Creating the Commission on Streamlining Government - To Government Organization then Finance

4113.     By Del. Morgan, Hall, Hatfield, Hartman, Staggers and Swartzmiller - Relating to the Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4114.     By Del. Perry and Staggers - Providing a grace period for volunteer fire companies or departments to comply with submission of data in order to meet eligibility requirements to receive allocations from municipal pensions and protection fund - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance

4115.     By Del. Sumner - Providing that a Class B resident fishing license and a Class F nonresident fishing license are effective one year from the date of purchase - To Natural Resources then Judiciary

4116.     By Del. Hunt - Relating to liquefied petroleum gas-consuming equipment and appliances - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Judiciary

4117.     By Del. Lawrence - Redistributing an existing excise tax paid upon the transfer of real property (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4118.     By Del. Moore - Including the surviving spouse and a designated individual previously chosen by the deceased as a person who may designate the manner of disposition of a deceased person's body - To Judiciary

4119.     By Del. Perry and Lawrence - Providing a definition for an athletic director who is employed by a county board of education - To Education

4120.     By Del. Staggers, Hall and Ferro [By Request of the Division of Highways] - Funding of the industrial access road fund - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4121.     By Del. Staggers, Hall and Ferro [By Request of the Division of Highways] - Providing that if a federal tax on motor fuels should be eliminated an additional state tax would be imposed (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4122.     By Del. Perry, Shaver, Campbell, D., Lawrence, Pethtel, Armstead, Duke, Savilla, Sigler, Paxton and Poling, M. - Relating to alternative programs for teacher education - To Education then Finance - [Interim Bill]

4123.     By Del. Frazier, Miley, Barker, Manypenny, Michael, Moore, Skaff, Ellem and Lane - Relating to the Public Safety and Offender Accountability Act (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance - [Interim Bill]