Wednesday, January 25, 2012

4279.     By Del. Manchin, Lawrence, Cann, Doyle, Longstreth and Morgan - Permitting municipalities to stagger the terms of elected officers - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary

4280.     By Del. Skaff, Hatfield and Poore - Relating to collection of delinquent taxes - To Finance

4281.     By Del. White, Miley, Hunt, Poore, Skaff, Moore, Fleischauer and Sobonya - Increasing the supplemental pay of members of the West Virginia State Police (FN) - To Finance

4282.     By Del. Ellem, Hamilton, Poling, D., Frazier and Border - Providing that adultery is a bar to alimony in a divorce proceeding - To Judiciary

4283.     By Del. Ferro and Barker [By Request of the Division of Environmental Protection] - Awarding attorney fees and costs in administrative proceedings arising under the West Virginia Surface Coal Mining and Reclamation Act - To Judiciary then Finance

4284.     By Del. White - Making West Virginia law consistent with federal law on withholding of personal income tax on gambling winnings (FN) - To Finance

4285.     By Del. Swartzmiller, Moye, Sumner, Hall and Skaff - Adding the county sheriff, or his or her designee, to those law-enforcement officials who are granted access to certain confidential pharmaceutical information - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

4286.     By Del. Staggers and Phillips, L. - Relating to registration plates to state, county, municipal and other governmental vehicles (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance

4287.     By Del. Staggers and Phillips, L. - Expanding the definition of Class A vehicles and designating class farm trucks as Class X - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary

4288.     By Del. Mahan - Relating to the receipt and transfer of scrap metal - To Judiciary

4289.     By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hatfield, Hartman, Householder, Howell, Staggers and Talbott - Creating new code sections which separate the executive departments - To Government Organization then Finance

4290.     By Del. Barker, Williams, Longstreth, Swartzmiller, Walker and Talbott - Keep Jobs in West Virginia Act (FN) - To Energy, Industry and Labor, Economic Development and Small Business then Finance

4291.     By Del. Miley, Frazier, Longstreth, Barill and Manchin [By Request of the Supreme Court of Appeals] - Relating to county law libraries operated by the Supreme Court of Appeals - To Judiciary

4292.     By Del. Miley, Frazier, Longstreth, Barill, Jones and Manchin [By Request of the Supreme Court of Appeals] - Authorizing the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to establish a reasonable fee of compensation for mental hygiene services (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4293.     By Del. Miley, Frazier, Longstreth, Barill and Jones [By Request of the Supreme Court of Appeals] - Increasing the compensation caps for secretary-clerks and case coordinators in the family court (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance

4294.     By Del. Manchin, Lawrence, Cann, Doyle, Longstreth, Morgan and Varner - Repealing the municipality motor vehicle operator's tax (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance

4295.     By Del. Manchin, Hatfield and Lawrence - Amending recount procedures - To Judiciary

4296.     By Del. Morgan and Stephens - Authorizing licensing boards to require applicants to submit to criminal background checks - To Government Organization then Judiciary

4297.     By Del. Moore, Poore, Fleischauer, Skaff and Sobonya - Authorizing law enforcement to issue a charge by citation when making an arrest for driving with a suspended or revoked license - To Judiciary

4298.     By Del. Hatfield, Skaff, Armstead, Poore, Lane and Nelson - Limiting the amount a property reappraisal can increase - To Judiciary then Finance

4299.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson) and Del. Armstead [By Request of the Executive] - Authorizing a county board of education to use the services of a bus operator from another county in certain circumstances - To Education then Finance

4300.     By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson) and Del. Armstead [By Request of the Executive] - Including various additional professions under the definition of "medical services applicant" under the Volunteer for Nonprofit Youth Organizations Act - To Judiciary