Monday, January 16, 2012

SB 186 - Sen. Plymale, Wells, Browning, Edgell, Boley, Stollings, Jenkins, Foster, Yost and Beach
Providing salary equity supplement payments to teachers and service personnel (FN) (IB)

Education then Finance

SB 187 - Sen. Stollings, Laird, Miller, Palumbo, Prezioso, Wills, Yost and Foster
Allowing dental hygienists place sealants without prior exam by dentist (FN) (IB)

Health and Human Resources then Finance

SB 188 - Sen. Plymale, Browning, Edgell and Stollings
Extending certain deadlines for mandated actions regarding higher education personnel (IB)


SB 189 - Sen. Foster, Browning, Fanning, Jenkins, Minard, Tucker, Wills, Barnes, K. Facemyer and Stollings
Creating statutory cause of action to obtain personal safety orders (IB)


SB 190 - Sen. Palumbo, Minard, Foster, Nohe, McCabe, Jenkins, Klempa, Miller, Yost and Beach
Limiting amount property appraisal can increase; excepting natural resources property


SB 191 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President), Stollings, Unger, Laird and Jenkins
Creating protection orders for nonfamily or nonhousehold members

SB 192 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and Stollings
Relating to filing of civil petition for expungement of criminal records under certain circumstances


SB 193 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President), Laird, Unger, Jenkins, Foster, Miller and Yost
Creating Governor's Commission on Improving Outcomes for At-Risk Youth

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 194 - Sen. Stollings, Laird, Foster, Kessler (Mr. President), Snyder and Miller
Requiring health insurers cover maternity and contraceptive services for dependents (IB)

Banking and Insurance

SB 195 - Sen. Plymale, Stollings and Jenkins
Creating Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program Savings Act (FN)

Banking and Insurance then Finance

SB 196 - Sen. Stollings, Laird, Miller, Palumbo, Prezioso, Wills, Yost, Jenkins and Foster
Creating Dentist and Hygienist Education Student Loan Fund (IB)

Education then Finance

SB 197 - Sen. Laird, Foster, Edgell, Plymale, Wills, Boley, Unger, Kessler (Mr. President) and Jenkins
Providing for issuance of alternative program teacher certificate and teacher-in-residence permits (IB)


SB 198 - Sen. Stollings, Laird, Miller, Palumbo, Prezioso, Wills, Yost, Kessler (Mr. President), Foster and Barnes
Requiring Medicaid dental coverage for mothers of newborns (IB)

Banking and Insurance then Finance
SB 199 - Sen. Unger, Prezioso, Beach, Edgell, Laird, Miller, Foster, Hall, Palumbo, Stollings, Wells, Wills and Snyder
Reapportioning congressional districts

Select Committee on Redistricting

SB 200 - Sen. Williams, K. Facemyer, Fanning, Helmick, Miller, Stollings and Jenkins
Extending deadline for elimination of timber severance tax (FN) (IB)

Energy, Industry and Mining then Finance

SB 201 - Sen. Laird, Stollings, Foster, Miller, Palumbo, Prezioso, Wills, Yost, Unger, Jenkins, Browning and Snyder
Creating Unintentional Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose Fatality Review Team (IB)

Health and Human Resources