Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SB 412 - Sen. Kirkendoll, Browning, Jenkins, Plymale, Klempa, Wills and Stollings

Increasing PSC civil penalties for Gas Pipeline Safety Act violations

Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary

SB 413 - Sen. Unger, Klempa, Williams and Wills

Compensating State Police for call-back time; housing stipend (FN)


SB 414 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and Hall [By Request of the Executive]

Expanding definition of "medical services applicant" under Volunteer for Nonprofit Youth Organizations Act

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 415 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and Hall [By Request of the Executive]

Authorizing school bus drivers operate leased buses in another county under certain circumstances


SB 416 - Sen. Beach, Klempa, Laird and Wills

Relating to issuance of driver's licenses

Transportation and Infrastructure then Government Organization

SB 417 - Sen. Fanning

Establishing right to disposition of deceased's remains


SB 418 - Sen. Laird

Relating to qualifications of Parole Board members

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 419 - Sen. Browning, Plymale and Kirkendoll

Revising high-growth business investment tax credit (FN)

Economic Development then Finance

SB 420 - Sen. Hall, K. Facemyer, Nohe, Barnes, Boley and Jenkins

Creating Civil Justice Reform Act of 2012 (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 421 - Sen. Williams, Sypolt, McCabe, Beach, K. Facemyer, Boley, D. Facemire, Helmick, Miller, Tucker, Laird, Nohe, Green, Barnes and Plymale

Creating Captive Cervid Farming Act

Agriculture then Judiciary

SB 422 - Sen. Foster, McCabe, Hall and Plymale

Relating generally to retirement benefits and costs of PERS, State Police Retirement System and TRS (FN)

Pensions then Finance

SB 423 - Sen. Wills, Klempa, Browning, Tucker, Miller, Snyder, Yost, Unger, Kessler (Mr. President) and Foster

Relating to reimbursement for providing patient health care records

Health and Human Resources

SB 424 - Sen. D. Facemire, Klempa, Green, Yost and Tucker

Exempting certain barbers from continuing education requirement

Government Organization

SB 425 - Sen. Boley and Nohe

Exempting certain nursing homes from certificate of need review and bed moratorium

Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

SB 426 - Sen. Jenkins, Stollings and Plymale

Relating to controlled substances monitoring

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 427 - Sen. Palumbo, Wells, Wills and Klempa

Conforming state administrative remedies for prisoners with Department of Justice standards


SB 428 - Sen. Beach and Klempa

Relating to motor vehicle registration of governmental vehicles (FN)

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance

SB 429 - Sen. Beach and Klempa

Relating to motor vehicle classifications

Transportation and Infrastructure

SJR 8 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and Hall [By Request of the Executive]

Proposing constitutional amendment designated Office of Lieutenant Governor Amendment

Judiciary then Finance

SCR 12 - Sen. Barnes, Helmick, Tucker, Unger, Kessler (Mr. President) and Klempa

Requesting DOH name bridge in Cassity, Randolph County, "Major Arnold James Zirkle Memorial Bridge"


SCR 13 - Sen. Stollings, Unger, Kessler (Mr. President), Kirkendoll, Klempa and Beach

Requesting DOH name portion of Lincoln County Rt. 8 "Platoon Sergeant John C. Fitzwater Memorial Road"


SCR 14 - Sen. Tucker, Barnes, Helmick, Unger, Kessler (Mr. President), Klempa and Beach

Requesting DOH name bridge in Nicholas County "Lee Tucker Memorial Bridge"


SR 10 - Sen. Kirkendoll, Stollings, Plymale, Jenkins, Unger, Kessler (Mr. President), Foster, Wills and Chafin

Congratulating Wayne County High School football team, 2011 AA football champion