Friday, February 10, 2012

SB 558 - Sen. Sypolt, Barnes, Boley, Green, Kirkendoll, Nohe and K. Facemyer

Eliminating requirement county boards of education input harassment, intimidation or bullying data into WVEIS

Education then Judiciary

SB 559 - Sen. Foster, Jenkins, Stollings, Kessler (Mr. President), Plymale and Klempa

Relating to rebuttable presumption for firefighters' disability and death benefits for certain cancers


SB 560 - Sen. Foster, Edgell and Wells

Relating to practice of psychology (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

SB 561 - Sen. Edgell, Wills, D. Facemire, Browning, Helmick, Fanning, Miller, Laird, Tucker and Williams

Prohibiting fractional retail pricing of gasoline

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 562 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President), Beach, D. Facemire, Fanning, Hall, Helmick, Prezioso, Plymale and Klempa

Establishing DEP procedure for biological component compliance of narrative water quality standard

Natural Resources then Judiciary

SB 563 - Sen. Prezioso, Snyder and Beach

Clarifying Office of Technology's responsibility prior to transfer or disposal of certain equipment

Government Organization

SB 564 - Sen. Prezioso, Snyder, Chafin, Plymale, Barnes and Beach

Creating Aviation Fund and Fleet Management Office Fund (FN)

Government Organization then Finance

SB 565 - Sen. Unger, Jenkins, Kessler (Mr. President), Chafin, Beach, Williams and Klempa

Allowing National Guard firefighters continue as civilian Air National Guard firefighters


SB 566 - Sen. Wills and Foster

Relating to contracts with nonprofit and charitable entities for inmate work-release and transitional housing; court-ordered direct placement


SB 567 - Sen. Yost and Klempa

Relating to meeting and conference rights of police or fire departments' members (FN)

Labor then Judiciary

SB 568 - Sen. Plymale, Jenkins, Foster, Unger, Prezioso, Barnes, Tucker and Stollings

Relating to college and career readiness initiative


SB 569 - Sen. Boley, Sypolt and Barnes

Requiring drawing by lot for national convention delegate candidates


SB 570 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President), Prezioso and Plymale

Requiring DEP maintain Office of Internal Auditing (FN)

Government Organization then Finance

SB 571 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President), Klempa, Kirkendoll, Tucker, Williams, Stollings, Yost, Edgell, Palumbo, Wells, Foster and Beach

Licensing wine sales at professional baseball stadiums (FN)


SCR 32 - Sen. Stollings, Unger, Chafin and Beach

Requesting DOH name portion of Rt. 10 in Lincoln County "Jerry Lee Richards Memorial Highway"


SR 25 - Sen. Plymale, Jenkins, Foster, Unger, Browning, Kessler (Mr. President), Prezioso, Chafin, Williams, Laird, Stollings and Yost

Designating February 10, 2012, Higher Education Day