Monday, March 11, 2013


2888.By Del. Miley, Fragale, Manchin, Fleischauer, Longstreth and Caputo - Allowing members of a policemen's civil service commission to serve on other local boards and commissions - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2889.By Del. Storch, Howell, Nelson, E., Shott, McCuskey, Ashley, Hunt, Miley and Manchin - Recognizing the right of judges and magistrates of West Virginia Courts who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon to carry a concealed firearm in court buildings - To Judiciary


2890.By Del. Poling, D., Guthrie, Ellem, Paxton, Poore, Diserio, Ferns, Skaff, Border, Eldridge and Barill - Increasing criminal penalties for violating provisions of the civil service law for paid fire departments - To Judiciary then Finance


2891.By Del. Caputo, Ashley, Poling, D., Reynolds, Hamilton, Pethtel, Walker, Morgan, Diserio, Poore and Stephens - Relating to scholarships for dependent children of state troopers who die in performance of duty (FN) - To Education then Finance


2892.By Del. Smith, P., Pino and Marcum - Changing the number of strikes in jury selection in felony cases - To Judiciary


2893.By Del. Manypenny, Marshall, Moore, Wells, Caputo, Longstreth and Fleischauer - Relating to preservation of cemeteries - To Judiciary then Finance


2894.By Del. Overington, Householder, Ellington, Gearheart, Hunt, Moore, Sponaugle, Longstreth, Sobonya, Hamilton and Pino - Allowing the Division of Corrections and Regional Jail Authority employees who are authorized to carry a weapon to carry concealed weapons - To Judiciary


2895.By Del. Fleischauer, Barill, Marshall, Iaquinta, Lynch, Young, Pasdon, Manypenny, Staggers, Poling, D. and Ferro - Requiring display of POW/MIA flag on county courthouses and other government buildings (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance


2896.By Del. Pethtel, Jones, Stowers, Craig, Canterbury, Lynch and Kump - Relating to municipal policemen and firemen pensions - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance


2897.By Del. Marshall, Iaquinta, Williams, Anderson, Evans, A., Pethtel, White, Fleischauer and Barill - Declaring certain claims against the state and its agencies to be moral obligations of the state - To Finance