Wednesday, February 20, 2013


House Concurrent Resolutions


33.       By Del. Caputo, Longstreth and Manchin - The "201st Artillery Drive" - To Rules


34.       By Del. Eldridge, Stowers, Phillips, R., Tomblin and Nelson, J. - The Army Sergeant Junior Elwood Dunlap Memorial Bridge" - To Rules


35.       By Del. Evans, A., Rowan, Azinger, Hamilton, Sumner, Hartman, Sponaugle, Howell, Romine and Faircloth - The "W. Va. Fallen Firefighter Charles Eugene Kessel memorial Bridge" - To Rules


House Joint Resolutions


29.       By Del. Swartzmiller, Poling, D., Ferro, Pethtel, Diserio, Jones and Caputo - The "Simple Majority Approval Amendment" - To Constitutional Revision then Judiciary


House Resolutions


8.         By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Thompson), Del. Craig, Miller, Morgan, Perdue, Reynolds, Sobonya and Stephens - Designating February 20, 2013, as "Marshall University Day"