Friday, February 22, 2013


SB 345 - Sen. Unger, Kessler (Mr. President), Miller, Williams, Boley and Beach

Increasing number of state troopers and beginning pay (FN)

Government Organization then Finance

SB 346 - Sen. Snyder, Miller, Green and Sypolt

Creating Appraisal Management Companies Registration Act (IB)

Government Organization

SB 347 - Sen. Snyder, Miller, Green and Sypolt

Requiring Public Employees Grievance Board provide training seminars to certain persons (IB)

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 348 - Sen. Yost

Lowering threshold amount triggering low contract bidder to submit list of subcontractors

Labor then Government Organization

SB 349 - Sen. Cookman

Implementing Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths System for evaluating out-of-home placement of children (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 350 - Sen. Unger

Prohibiting electioneering outside entrance to polling place during early voting


SB 351 - Sen. Unger

Allowing certain employees donate sick leave for leave donation program

Government Organization

SB 352 - Sen. Unger

Relating to mandatory disclosure by mental health professionals of potential patient harm to another person

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 353 - Sen. Unger

Establishing First Informer Broadcasters Act

Government Organization

SB 354 - Sen. Plymale

Requiring study on alternative revenue sources for funding state roads

Transportation and Infrastructure

SB 355 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and M. Hall [By Request of the Executive]

Relating to final wage payment to discharged employees

Labor then Judiciary

SB 356 - Sen. Snyder

Increasing salaries of certain State Police forensic lab employees and certain civilian employees (FN)

Government Organization then Finance

SB 357 - Sen. Tucker and Barnes

Including commercial campsite in definition of "hotel" for hotel occupancy tax purposes

Government Organization then Finance

SCR 7 - Sen. Unger

Designating Hall Flintlock Model 1819 official state firearm