Wednesday, March 06, 2013


SB 454 - Sen. Prezioso and Facemire

Relating to taxation of alternative motor fuels (FN)

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance

SB 455 - Sen. Green, Edgell, Fitzsimmons, D. Hall and Yost

Relating to horse or dog racing (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 456 - Sen. Jenkins

Relating to rebuttable presumption for firefighters' disability and death benefits for certain cancers


SB 457 - Sen. Prezioso and Tucker

Relating to air-ambulance service fees paid by PEIA

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance

SB 458 - Sen. Prezioso and Tucker

Permitting PEIA health plans to operate on calendar-year basis

Banking and Insurance then Government Organization

SB 459 - Sen. Carmichael and D. Hall

Relating to warranties for used motor vehicles


SB 460 - Sen. Wells, Green, Barnes, Beach, Edgell, Fitzsimmons, Laird, Snyder, Sypolt, Walters and Yost

Exempting certain residents' active duty military pay from state income tax (FN)

Military then Finance

SB 461 - Sen. Cookman, Beach, Fitzsimmons, D. Hall, Jenkins, Laird and Williams

Relating to procedures and protections for child witnesses in domestic relations proceedings


SB 462 - Sen. Facemire, Beach, Kirkendoll, Palumbo, Cann, Edgell and Snyder

Extending time for informal conferences on surface mining permit applications

Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary

SB 463 - Sen. Kirkendoll, Beach, Facemire, Green, Laird and Snyder

Increasing special license fee paid by pipeline companies to PSC (FN)

Energy, Industry and Mining then Finance

SB 464 - Sen. Stollings, Beach, Wells, Kessler (Mr. President) and Yost

Regulating tanning facilities (FN)

Health and Human Resources then Finance

SB 465 - Sen. Wells, Fitzsimmons, Green, Snyder and Yost

Providing campground fee discount to youth groups undertaking certain community service projects (FN)

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 466 - Sen. Laird and Kessler (Mr. President)

Creating Dangerous Wild Animal Act (FN)

Natural Resources then Finance

SB 467 - Sen. Laird, Edgell and Kirkendoll

Revising stocking permit requirements for release of aquatic species into state waters

Natural Resources then Judiciary

SB 468 - Sen. Unger and Laird

Creating WV Animal Abuse Registry (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 469 - Sen. Jenkins

Clarifying service credit for certain PERS members

Pensions then Finance

SCR 16 - Sen. Kirkendoll and Stollings

Requesting DOH name County Route 5/07 in Logan County "Army PFC James Edward Workman Memorial Road"


SR 25 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President)

Designating March 6, 2013, "Women's Day"


SR 26 - Sen. Palumbo

Designating March "American Red Cross Month"