Friday, March 15, 2013


SB 539 - Sen. Sypolt, Barnes, Blair, Carmichael, Cole, M. Hall, Nohe, Walters and Williams

Excluding certain veteran disability income when calculating spousal support

Military then Judiciary

SB 540 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President), Edgell, Fitzsimmons and Yost

Permitting Ohio County Commission levy special district excise tax

Government Organization then Finance

SB 541 - Sen. Laird, Chafin, Green, D. Hall, M. Hall, Kirkendoll, Tucker and Yost

Increasing compensation of certain county officials

Government Organization then Finance

SB 542 - Sen. Snyder, Kessler (Mr. President), Barnes, Blair, Edgell, Facemire, Fitzsimmons, Green, D. Hall, Kirkendoll, Laird, Miller, Unger and Yost

Relating to restricted races at pari-mutuel thoroughbred horse race tracks

Judiciary then Finance

SB 543 - Sen. Snyder

Allowing Legislative Auditor charge sunrise application review fee

Government Organization

SB 544 - Sen. Snyder

Scheduling yearly departmental performance reviews

Government Organization

SB 545 - Sen. Facemire, Edgell, Green, Kirkendoll, Snyder and Tucker

Authorizing excess election contributions be used to pay previous campaign debt or loans


SB 546 - Sen. Green

Requiring appointment of State Superintendent of Schools be with advice and consent of Senate

Education then Judiciary

SB 547 - Sen. Barnes

Authorizing circuit and magistrate courts place surcharge on bail bonds to offset regional jail costs (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 548 - Sen. Barnes

Permitting county commissions be consulted before employment discharge of certain county employees

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 549 - Sen. Barnes, Blair, Boley and Sypolt

Providing WV will not participate in REAL ID Act of 2005

Transportation and Infrastructure then Government Organization

SB 550 - Sen. Cole, Fitzsimmons, D. Hall, Kirkendoll, Miller, Nohe and Walters

Relating to motor vehicle valuation for ad valorem property tax purposes (FN)

Transportation and Infrastructure then Finance

SR 37 - Sen. Cann

Congratulating WV Golf Association