Tuesday, March 19, 2013


SB 564 - Sen. Snyder

Increasing minimum construction cost of municipal public works project before competitive bidding is required

Government Organization

SB 565 - Sen. Snyder (By Request)

Creating reverse auction pilot program for purchasing office supplies

Government Organization

SB 566 - Sen. Snyder

Permitting certain municipalities opt into rate regulation by PSC

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 567 - Sen. Walters and D. Hall

Defining "no significant additional fiscal burden" in minimum criteria for certificate of need reviews

Health and Human Resources then Government Organization

SB 568 - Sen. Palumbo and Cookman

Allowing certain expelled students participate in Juvenile Drug Court

Education then Judiciary

SB 569 - Sen. Green

Requiring appointment of State Fire Marshal be with advice and consent of Senate

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 570 - Sen. Beach, Miller and D. Hall

Cleaning up outdated language in code relating to elections


SB 571 - Sen. D. Hall and Green

Extending time Oceana City Council can meet as levying body

Government Organization

SB 572 - Sen. Cookman

Relating to claims against counties, school districts or municipalities

Government Organization

SB 573 - Sen. Cookman

Relating to publication of financial statements by county boards of education


SCR 24 - Sen. Palumbo and Chafin

Requesting DOH name portion of U. S. Route 60 in Kanawha County "Lou Tabit Highway"


SR 39 - Sen. Wells, Walters, McCabe and Palumbo

Designating March 19, 2013, West Virginia State University Day