Friday, March 22, 2013


SB 597 - Sen. Unger

Permitting county boards of education to sell advertising on school bus exteriors (FN)

Government Organization then Education

SB 598 - Sen. Kirkendoll, Snyder and Williams

Qualifying certain NPDES permit holders for Environmental Quality Board membership

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 599 - Sen. Edgell, Miller, Kirkendoll and Green

Expanding number of hours temporary state personnel may work

Labor then Government Organization

SB 600 - Sen. Yost, Edgell, Barnes and Facemire

Establishing one-time audit cost amnesty program for local governments with delinquent audit costs (FN)

Government Organization then Finance

SB 601 - Sen. Cookman and Walters

Removing requirement certain juvenile proceedings be sealed


SB 602 - Sen. Yost

Authorizing DOH increase gross weight limitations on certain Brooke County roads

Transportation and Infrastructure then Government Organization

SB 603 - Sen. Walters and Palumbo

Relating to licensed school psychologist-to-pupil ratio (FN)

Education then Finance

SB 604 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President)

Expanding definition of "electioneering communication" to include certain nonbroadcast media


SB 605 - Sen. Edgell, Facemire and Prezioso

Eliminating duplicative reporting requirements on imported cigarettes


SB 606 - Sen. Cookman, Tucker, Laird, D. Hall, Carmichael and Walters

Awarding attorney fees in certain workers' compensation medical treatment cases (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 607 - Sen. Wells

Prohibiting certain noncompetition clauses in broadcast industry employee contracts


SB 608 - Sen. Walters

Relating to animal protection in shelters


SB 609 - Sen. Laird, Cookman, Miller, Snyder, Stollings, Wells, Yost, Plymale and Fitzsimmons

Implementing responsible parent program pilot project


SB 610 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and M. Hall [By Request of the Executive]

Renaming Industrial Home for Youth

Government Organization

SB 611 - Sen. Snyder, Kirkendoll, Tucker, Chafin, Palumbo, Wells, Nohe and Sypolt

Updating Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (IB)


SB 612 - Sen. Barnes

Prohibiting certain public employee retirants from being reemployed within one year of retirement

Pensions then Government Organization

SB 613 - Sen. Barnes

Reclassifying buprenorphine as Schedule III controlled substance


SB 614 - Sen. Barnes

Allowing local option election to permit Sunday hunting on private property

Natural Resources then Judiciary

SB 615 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President)

Amending method for determining table game license renewal fee for pari-mutuel racetracks

Judiciary then Finance

SB 616 - Sen. McCabe

Integrating interests in horizontal shallow oil or gas well drilling units

Energy, Industry and Mining then Judiciary

SB 617 - Sen. Carmichael

Increasing DUI criminal penalties; Andrea's Law


SB 618 - Sen. Carmichael

Creating Tax Revenue Act of 2013 (FN)


SB 619 - Sen. Carmichael

Relating to disqualification for unemployment benefits as result of strike

Labor then Judiciary

SB 620 - Sen. Snyder

Requiring state agencies, boards, commissions and entities give tests regionally

Government Organization

SB 621 - Sen. Miller, Laird and Snyder

Requiring Bureau for Public Health prepare impact statement assessing impact of any new air or water rule proposed by DEP (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SB 622 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President), Green, Kirkendoll, Barnes, Cann, Facemire, Miller, D. Hall, Beach, Boley, Carmichael, Chafin, Edgell, Fitzsimmons, M. Hall, Snyder, Stollings, Sypolt, Tucker, Walters, Wells, Williams and Yost

Providing WVU and MU boards of governors additional authority and flexibility

Education then Finance

SB 623 - Sen. Plymale, Chafin and Cole

Relating to funding for probation officers to address truancy

Education then Finance

SB 624 - Sen. Palumbo, Cookman, Stollings and Barnes

Adjusting penalties for willful failure to pay child support


SB 625 - Sen. Plymale

Relating to payment of claims against counties, school districts or municipalities

Government Organization

SJR 9 - Sen. Wells

Proposing constitutional amendment designated Organization of Houses of the Legislature Amendment

Judiciary then Finance

SJR 10 - Sen. Wells

Proposing constitutional amendment designated Veto Session Amendment (FN)

Judiciary then Finance

SCR 28 - Sen. Stollings, Edgell and Kirkendoll

Requesting DNR study making Upper Mud River Wildlife Management and Recreation Area a state park


SCR 29 - Sen. Wells, McCabe, Palumbo and Walters

Requesting DOH name bridge number 20-64-54.37 "Cpl. Kenneth R. Hess Bridge"


SCR 30 - Sen. D. Hall and Green

Requesting DOH name bridge in Wyoming County "Army SP4 Jackie (Hearn) McMillion Memorial Bridge"


SCR 31 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and Edgell

Requesting DOH place signs at Tyler County line reading "Home of the 2011 FFA National Champions"


SR 44 - Sen. Beach, Prezioso, Kessler (Mr. President), Edgell, Williams and Sypolt

Designating March 22, 2013, West Virginia University and West Virginia University Extension Day