Second Extraordinary Session


3rd Day

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10:00 A. M.



H. B. 201 -            Relating to the application of minimum wage and maximum hour standards (Boggs) (Effective From Passage) [Right to Amend]


H. B. 202 -            Delaying the effective date of the affirmative defense to an action to enforce a mechanic's lien [Right to Amend]


H. B. 203 -            Relating to boat dock and marina safety [Right to Amend]


H. B. 204 -            Relating to the distribution of Excess Lottery Revenue Funds from the Tourism Promotion Fund to the Courtesy Patrol Fund (Finance Committee Title amendment pending) (Boggs) (Effective From Passage) [Right to Amend]


H. B. 205 -            Amending and replacing Title II, Section five of chapter thirteen, Acts of the Legislature, regular session 2014, known as the budget bill for the appropriations ending June 30, 2015 (Boggs) (Effective From Passage) [Right to Amend]


S. B. 2003 -          Supplementing and amending Title II Appropriations from State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund (original similar to hb 205) (Effective From Passage) [Right to Amend]


Com. Sub. for S. B. 2004 -     Authorizing transfer of moneys to Courtesy Patrol Fund according to expenditure schedule set by Budget Office (original similar to hb 204) (Effective From Passage) [Right to Amend]


H. B. 206 -            Extending the time for the common council of the city of Richwood, Nicholas County, to meet as a levying body [Local Bill]