Tuesday, January 21, 2014


4236.By Del. Fleischauer, Campbell, Pino, Longstreth, Ellem, Phillips, L., Hunt, Poore, Sobonya, Moore and Storch - Sexual assault nurse examination network (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4237.By Del. Lawrence, Barrett, Guthrie, Skinner, Perdue, Campbell, Marshall, Poore, Fleischauer, Staggers and Evans, A. - Defining alternative nicotine products and electronic cigarettes - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4238.By Del. Marcum, Phillips. R., Campbell, White, Ferro, Poling, D., Barill, Eldridge, Tomblin, Craig and Barker - Providing a tax credit to coal producers who sell coal to taxpayers who increase their consumption of West Virginia coal (FN) - To Energy then Finance


4239.By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Staggers, Caputo and Eldridge - Relating to counties - To Political Subdivisions then Finance - [Interim Bill]


4240.By Del. Frich, Eldridge, Hamilton, Marcum, Smith, P., Moore, Arvon, Ellington, Marshall, Barill and Manypenny - Regulating synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs as Schedule I drugs - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4241.By Del. Frich, Phillips. R., Smith, R., Andes, Skaff, Shott, Phillips, L., Marshall, Barill, Arvon and Poling, D. - Requiring employers subject to the jurisdiction of the Office of Miner's Health, Safety and Training to implement an alcohol abuse policy and program - To Industry and Labor then Judiciary


4242.By Del. Diserio, Jones, Swartzmiller, Ferro, Fleischauer, Perdue, Poore, Storch, Poling, D., Eldridge and Phillips, L. - Increasing gross weight limitations on certain roads in Brooke County - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary - [Local Bill]


4243.By Del. Evans, A., Hamilton, Ambler, Sponaugle, Azinger, Howell and Rowan - Including the resident grandchildren of bona fide resident landowners as persons who are not required to obtain licenses or permits to hunt, trap or fish (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


4244.By Del. Evans, A., Sponaugle, Azinger and Rowan - Requiring a person restraining a mentally ill or mentally challenged person in a "four point restraint" to administer sedation by injection at the time the patient is secured - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4245.By Del. Fleischauer, Young, Iaquinta, Barrett, Barker, Barill, Diserio, Perdue, Guthrie, Ellington and Miller - Requiring certain professional boards regulating health care professions to gather information for the Higher Education Policy Commission and the Legislative Oversight Commission - To Government Organization then Health and Human Resources


4246.By Del. Kump, Folk, Gearheart, Faircloth, Rowan, Householder, Hamrick, Romine, Lynch, Longstreth and Miller - Placing on the ballot of voters whether the municipality should hold its future municipal elections on a state general election day - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary then Finance


4247.By Del. Storch, Ferro, Marshall, Diserio, Pasdon, Raines, Swartzmiller, Evans, D., Gearheart, Espinosa and O'Neal - Permitting the Ohio County Commission to levy a special district excise tax (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance


4248.By Del. Howell - Requiring a criminal penalty for all first offenses of driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or drugs (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4249.By Del. Smith, R., Canterbury, Ambler, Cooper, Barill, Poling, M., Overington, Frich, Williams, Hamilton and Craig - Allowing proceeds of a hotel occupancy tax not exceeding $200,000 per fiscal year to be expended for medical care and emergency services in certain counties - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


4250.By Del. Folk, Walker, Lynch, Williams, Shott, Kump, Manypenny, Howell, Faircloth, Householder and Butler - Relating to exceptions to prohibitions against carrying concealed handguns and reciprocity agreements for concealed carry - To Judiciary then Finance


4251.By Del. Lawrence, Fragale, Jones, Barill, Morgan, Hartman, Williams, Pethtel, Ellem, Hamilton and Poore - Prohibiting the ticketing of cars parked at broken meters - To Judiciary


4252.By Del. Phillips, R., Tomblin, Sponaugle, Marcum, Reynolds, Moore, Boggs, Manchin, Skinner, Phillips, L. and Hunt - Changing the way counties pay for regional jail inmates (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4253.By Del. Campbell, Walker, Iaquinta, Hamilton, Morgan, Sponaugle, Tomblin, Marcum, Eldridge, Skaff and Smith, P. - Authorizing the issuance of special "In God We Trust" registration plates - To Roads and Transportation then Finance