Friday, January 24, 2014


4283.By Del. Barrett, Barill, Barker, Diserio, Lawrence, Manypenny, Marcum, Poling, D., Reynolds, Sponaugle and Young - Raising the minimum wage (FN) - To Industry and Labor then Finance


4284.By Del. Perdue, Fleischauer, Barrett, Caputo, Sponaugle, Kinsey, Lawrence, Manchin, Skinner, Guthrie and Young - Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act (FN) - To Judiciary


4285.By Del. Manypenny, Perdue, Hamilton, Barrett, Ambler and Manchin - Amending the Water Resources Protection and Management Act to incorporate recommendations from the state Water Resources Management Plan (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4286.By Del. Williams, Tomblin, Phillips. R., Eldridge, Hartman, Sponaugle, Walker, Pino, Craig, Miller and Anderson - Captive Cervid Farming Act - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


4287.By Del. Fleischauer, Marshall, Barill, Manypenny, Fragale, Campbell, Pasdon, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley), White, Pethtel and Tomblin - Administration of health maintenance tasks - To Health and Human Resources


4288.By Del. Phillips, R., Evans, A., Staggers, Boggs, Marcum, Eldridge, Sponaugle, White, Barker, Tomblin and Phillips, L. - Providing for the uniform regulation of firearms, ammunition and firearm accessories - To Judiciary


4289.By Del. Perdue, Fleischauer, Morgan, Ellington, Staggers and Swartzmiller - Modernizing the licensure and regulation of physician assistants by the West Virginia Board of Medicine - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization


4290.By Del. Moore, Campbell, Azinger and Reynolds - Revising the regulatory structure of money transmitters and other entities - To Banking and Insurance then Finance


4291.By Del. Phillips, R., Barker, Caputo, Craig, Marcum, Skaff, Smith, R., Sumner, Tomblin and White - Relating to civil penalties and civil administrative penalties for violations of the Water Pollution Control Act by coal mining (FN) - To Energy then Judiciary


4292.By Del. Perdue, Fleischauer and Guthrie - Funding for substance abuse services through increased taxes on beer, wine and liquor (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


4293.By Del. Eldridge, Wells, Craig, Evans, A., Hamilton, Paxton and White - Regulating the importation and possession of certain injurious aquatic species - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


4294.By Del. Ashley, Westfall, Manchin, Hunt, Skinner, Ellem, McCuskey, Shott, Morgan, Craig and Lane - Establishing standards for court reporters and entities that provide court reporting services - To Judiciary


4295.By Del. Faircloth, Kump and Folk - Requiring uniform enforcement of environmental rules - To Judiciary


4296.By Del. Pethtel, Barill, Poling, M., Perry, Barrett, Hamrick, Sumner, Tomblin and Westfall - Establishing the Health Sciences Service Program (FN) - To Education then Finance - [Interim Bill]


4297.By Del. Perdue and Ellem - Relating to the operation and oversight of certain benefit programs - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4298.By Del. Manchin and Morgan - Changing the experience requirements of the composition of the members of the West Virginia Ethics Commission - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4299.By Del. Perdue, Fleischauer, Campbell, Diserio, Ellington, Kinsey, Poore, Miller, Moore, Morgan and Staggers - Removing the expiration date for the tax rate on eligible acute care hospitals (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


4300.By Del. Manypenny, Barrett, Sponaugle, Ferro and Walker - Creating a State Animal Abuse Registry - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


4301.By Del. Eldridge, Wells, Craig, Evans, A., Hamilton, Paxton, White, Marcum, Phillips, R., Perry and Young - Allowing limited reciprocal use of hunting and fishing licenses with the Commonwealth of Kentucky - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


4302.By Del. Skaff, Guthrie, Poore, Wells, Perry, Pasdon and Walters - Relating to elections for public school purposes - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary


4303.By Del. Manypenny, Longstreth, Caputo, Diserio and Poling, D. - Oil and Gas Drilling Workplace Safety Act - To Industry and Labor then Judiciary


4304.By Del. Wells, Guthrie, Skaff, Fleischauer, Skinner, Manypenny, Barill, Smith, R., Walters, Poore and McCuskey - Providing rules for motor vehicles passing bicycles on roadways - To Judiciary


4305.By Del. Fragale, Iaquinta, Diserio and Jones - Relating to the requirements of members of a building commission board be from the same political party - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization


4306.By Del. White, Eldridge, Phillips, L., Phillips, R., O'Neal, Campbell and Cooper - Discontinuing the moratorium on the issuance of commercial rafting licenses on a section of the New River (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Government Organization


4307.By Del. Campbell, Perry, Barill, Poling, M., Pasdon, Hamrick, Sponaugle, Hartman, Tomblin, Marcum and Storch - Allowing elementary schools or parents of students at the school to serve sweets at the school once a year - To Health and Human Resources then Education


4308.By Del. Folk, Hunt, Shott, Perry, Householder, Eldridge, Kump, Faircloth, Hartman, Butler and Cadle - Relating to the Municipal Home Rule Pilot Program - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4309.By Del. Phillips, R., Hartman, Eldridge, Marcum, White, Barker, Tomblin, Craig, Sponaugle, Diserio and Moore - Permitting a person to keep a loaded firearm in his or her motor vehicle upon the grounds of the State Capitol Complex - To Judiciary


4310.By Del. Phillips, R., Marcum, White, Barker, Tomblin, Craig, Evans, A., Ashley, Sponaugle, Smith, R. and Diserio - Making gun permits and applications confidential except for law enforcement purposes - To Judiciary


4311.By Del. Arvon, Cowles, Craig, Andes, McCuskey, Moye, Reynolds, Rowan, Smith, P., Sobonya and Border - Preventing taxpayer subsidization of health insurance covering elective abortions - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4312.By Del. Staggers and Lawrence - Creating a certification for emergency medical technician-industrial - To Industry and Labor then Government Organization


4313.By Del. Perry, Campbell, Morgan and Ellem - Relating to powers and duties of the parole board - To Judiciary


4314.By Del. Sponaugle, Iaquinta, Young, Tomblin, Lynch, Barrett, Phillips, R., Campbell, Hartman, Barker and Skaff - Providing a $500 credit for certain members of volunteer fire departments against state personal income tax (FN) - To Finance


4315.By Del. Sponaugle and Hartman - Relating to assessment of real property - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


4316.By Del. Poling, M., Perry, Moye, Tomblin, Young, Barrett, Barill, Walker, Pasdon, Pethtel and Fragale - Creating the student data accessability, transparency and accountability act - To Education then Judiciary


4317.By Del. Morgan, Stephens, Hartman, Kinsey, Smith, P., Caputo and Romine - Relating to state procurement (FN) - To Government Organization then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]


4318.By Del. Fleischauer, Longstreth, Campbell, Pethtel, Barrett, Barill, Jones, Stephens, Iaquinta, Rowan and Ireland - Continuing education of veterans mental health (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Government Organization


4319.By Del. Reynolds, Barrett, Craig, Eldridge, Iaquinta, Pethtel, Phillips, R., Skaff, Sponaugle, White and Williams - Relating to the State Treasurer's office (FN) - To Finance


4320.By Del. Hamilton, Evans, A., Hartman, Campbell, Smith, R., Sponaugle, Walker, Hamrick, Ireland and Romine - Removing the severance tax on timber (FN) - To Finance


4321.By Del. Fragale - Requiring written notice from public service boards to users of delinquency and date of termination and discontinuance of service - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization


4322.By Del. Eldridge, Campbell, Barker, Marcum, Tomblin, Phillips, L., Young, Barill, Diserio, Barrett and White - Establishing a retired teachers instant lottery scratch-off game (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance


4323.By Del. Guthrie, Sponaugle, Poore, Caputo, Skinner, Perdue, Fragale, Young and Poling, D. - Establishing requirements for prior review of all privatization proposals (FN) - To Industry and Labor then Finance


4324.By Del. Folk, Kump, Hamrick, Romine, Evans, D., Staggers, Diserio, Faircloth, Householder, Shott and Ireland - Clarifying how members of regional airport authority boards are to be allocated - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization


4325.By Del. Eldridge, Barker, Marcum, Phillips, L., Young, Barill, Diserio, Barrett, Campbell, Phillips, R. and White - Establishing the state parks instant lottery scratch-off game (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


4326.By Del. Campbell, Iaquinta, Hartman, Moye, Skaff, Sponaugle, Eldridge, Pethtel, Phillips, R. and Reynolds - Relating to nursing education faculty (FN) - To Education then Finance


4327.By Del. Tomblin, Phillips, R., Sponaugle, Lynch, Skaff, Boggs, Caputo, Marcum, White, Manchin and Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley) - Relating to the management of intractable pain act (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4328.By Del. Perdue (By Request) - Requiring electric utilities to reimburse customers for expenses incurred resulting from outages caused by lack of appropriate line and easement maintenance - To Judiciary


4329.By Del. Reynolds and Craig - Authorizing county commissions to regulate parking on roads, ways, streets, avenues, drives and the like where it is needed in certain areas - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization


4330.By Del. Shott - Providing for the posting of unenclosed lands to prohibit hunting, trapping or fishing - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


4331.By Del. Frich, Butler, Cadle, Smith, R., Canterbury, Faircloth, Kump, Householder, Manypenny, Skinner and Sponaugle - Relating to location information of an electronic device - To Judiciary


4332.By Del. Border, Anderson, Ellem, Azinger, Perdue, Poling, D., Staggers, Ellington, Cowles, Fleischauer and Lane - Extending the time that certain nonprofit community groups are exempt from the moratorium on creating new nursing home beds - To Health and Human Resources


4333.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley) and Del. Armstead [By Request of the Executive] - Relating to the redirection of certain Lottery revenues to the State Excess Lottery Revenue Fund - To Finance


4334.By Del. Faircloth, Kump, Folk, Armstead, Lane, Gearheart, Hamrick and Householder - Creating tax credits for small business economic impact (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance


4335.By Del. Phillips, L., Campbell, Guthrie, Poore, Staggers, Moore, Perdue, Poling, M., Eldridge, Fleischauer and Marshall - Relating to a child's right to nurse - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4336.By Del. Marcum, White, Poling, M., Ferro, Pethtel, Perry, Moore, Reynolds, Caputo, Pino and Barrett - Relating to state control of county schools - To Education