Monday, January 27, 2014


4337.By Del. Eldridge, Campbell, Guthrie, Poore, Marshall, Barker, Phillips, L., Skaff, White, Longstreth and Barill - Providing that an act of domestic violence or a sexual offense by strangling is an aggravated felony offense (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4338.By Del. Perry, Poling, M., Morgan, Campbell, Ellem, Boggs and Pino - Requiring that inmates in a regional jail, but committed to the custody of the Commissioner of Corrections, have available the same classes and programs (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4339.By Del. Campbell, Hartman, Sponaugle, Manchin, White and Hamilton - Ensuring that moneys from the Solid Waste Authority Closure Cost Assistance Fund are available to facilitate the closure of the Elkins-Randolph County Landfill and the Webster County Landfill (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4340.By Del. Ireland, Romine, Kump, Lynch, Walker, Poling, M., Anderson, Border, Williams, Ambler and Nelson. E. - Providing an exception to certain provisions of the West Virginia Ethics Act - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


4341.By Del. Campbell, Phillips, L., Sumner, Diserio, Moye, Staggers, Hamilton, Moore and Perry - Relating to cable television - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4342.By Del. Campbell, Marcum, Poling, D., Fleischauer, Skaff, Eldridge, Diserio, Moore, Phillips, L. and Staggers - Expanding prescriptive authority of advanced practice registered nurses and certified nurse-midwives - To Health and Human Resources then Government Organization