Thursday, February 6, 2014


4419.By Del. Hunt, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley), Campbell, Moore, Fleischauer, Manchin, Boggs, White, Lane, Caputo and Azinger - Creating the West Virginia Children with Autism Trust Fund (FN) - To Finance


4420.By Del. Poling, M., Perry, Pino, Staggers and Williams - Renaming the administrative heads of the Potomac campus of West Virginia University and the West Virginia University Institute of Technology - To Education


4421.By Del. White, Skaff, Boggs, Barrett, Craig, Evans, A., Manchin, Reynolds, Storch, Swartzmiller and Marcum [By Request of the Lottery Commission] - Allowing the lottery to pay prizes utilizing other payment methods in addition to checks - To Judiciary


4422.By Del. Manchin, Caputo, Longstreth, Fragale, Jones, Diserio, Pethtel, Manypenny, Ferro, Poling, D. and Marcum - Relating to copayments required in certain policies, provisions, contracts, plans or agreements to provide health care benefits - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4423.By Del. Craig and Phillips, R. - Relating to the Health Care Authority - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


4424.By Del. Smith, P. - Requiring all classic and antique motor vehicles be assessed at a flat rate of $1,000 (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4425.By Del. White, Marcum, Ferro, Manchin, Poling, D., Caputo, Boggs, Swartzmiller, Craig, Barker and Skaff - Giving the Superintendent of State Police authority to hire additional staff (FN) - To Finance


4426.By Del. Phillips, R., Boggs, Marshall, Tomblin, Sponaugle, Lynch, Skinner, Skaff, Eldridge, Hartman and Campbell - Relating to contested cases - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4427.By Del. Phillips, R., Boggs, Marcum, Tomblin, Sponaugle, Lynch, Skinner, Skaff, Eldridge, Campbell and Hartman [By Request of the Transportation Department - Division of Highways ] - Relating to hearings before the Office of Administrative Hearings - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4428.By Del. Sponaugle - Providing that Mental Hygiene Commissioners are employees under the Public Employees Retirement System (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance


4429.By Del. Smith, R., Craig, Andes, Phillips, R., Espinosa, Shott, Phillips, L., Eldridge, Williams, Tomblin and Cadle - Requiring that mining equipment being transported or trammed underground be done by qualified personnel under supervision of a certified foreman - To Energy then Judiciary


4430.By Del. Sponaugle, Campbell, Phillips, R., Skinner, Tomblin, Skaff, Poore, Manchin, White, Reynolds and Marcum - Removing the compensation caps entirely for secretary-clerks and case coordinators - To Judiciary then Finance


4431.By Del. Swartzmiller, Diserio, Poling, D., Jones, Boggs, Lynch, Young, Phillips, R., Marcum, Manypenny and Ferro - Clarifying that persons who possess firearms, hunting dogs or other indicia of hunting do not necessarily need to have a hunting license - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


4432.By Del. Guthrie, Hartman, Perry and Ashley [By Request of the Insurance Commission] - Adopting Principle Based Reserving as the method by which life insurance company reserves are calculated (FN) - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


4433.By Del. Ellington, Arvon, Householder, Howell, Gearheart, Overington, Shott, Sobonya, Miller, Border and Lane - Implementing drug testing for recipients of federal-state and state assistance - To Judiciary then Finance