Friday, February 14, 2014


4526.By Del. Skaff, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley), White, Craig, Hartman, Sponaugle, Williams, Pino, Guthrie and Poore - Extending and expanding economic development programs of the West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust Fund (FN) - To Finance


4527.By Del. McCuskey and Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley) - Creating monitoring and testing requirements for public water utilities - To Judiciary


4528.By Del. Lane - Small Employer Business Advocate Act (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance


4529.By Del. Manchin, Ferro, Lawrence, Pethtel, Boggs and Skaff - Relating to the sale of wine - To Judiciary


4530.By Del. Lane, Raines and McCuskey - Adding additional requirements for notification relating to industrial facilities emergency event notification and access, and creating an aboveground storage tank registry, and an Industrial Accident Citizen's Protection Fund (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4531.By Del. Poore, Marshall, Lawrence, Moore, Perdue, Fleischauer, Miller, Pasdon, Guthrie, Diserio and Jones - Telemedicine for quality improvement and healthcare modernization act - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


4532.By Del. Poore, Marshall, Barrett, Lawrence, Phillips, L., Moore, Diserio, Perdue, Sobonya, Miller and Guthrie - Continuing the Rural Health Initiative - To Health and Human Resources then Education


4533.By Del. Cooper, Ireland, Evans, D., Azinger and Ambler - Providing a fee discount for certain nonresident hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for native nonresidents (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


4534.By Del. Canterbury, Ambler, Storch, Evans, A., Perdue, Moye, Young and Manypenny - Create a Historic Resort Hotel Employee Retirement Fund (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4535.By Del. Overington, Butler, Householder and Folk - Removing the requirement that home schooled students have to acquire a general equivalency degree (GED) in order to qualify for the promise scholarship - To Education then Finance


4536.By Del. Morgan - Retaining current West Virginia National Guard firefighters - To Judiciary


4537.By Del. Williams, Perdue, Arvon, Morgan, Guthrie, Fleischauer and Campbell - West Virginia CARES Act (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


4538.By Del. Staggers, Morgan and Stephens - Relating to the Board of Dentistry - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4539.By Del. Poore, Moore, Staggers, Skaff, Guthrie, Stephens, Morgan, Diserio, Jones, Fragale and Iaquinta - Requiring motor vehicles to stop when a public transportation vehicle is stopped and receiving or dropping off passengers (FN) - To Judiciary


4540.By Del. Poore, Guthrie, Staggers, Campbell, Marshall, Barrett, Lawrence, Moore, Young, Morgan and Diserio - Relating to embalmer licenses - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4541.By Del. Poore, Campbell, Marshall, Lawrence, Phillips, L., Moore, Young, Fragale, Longstreth and Ambler - Relating to funeral service and embalming licenses - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4542.By Del. Poore, Campbell, Marshall, Phillips, L., Lawrence, Moore, Young, Morgan, Fragale, Longstreth and Ambler - Changing certain dates related to requirements for funeral service licenses - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4543.By Del. Poore, Young, Stephens, Fragale, Longstreth and Ambler - Relating to the board of Funeral Service Examiners - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4544.By Del. Poore, Moore, McCuskey, Marshall, Lawrence, Barrett, Young, Manypenny, Longstreth and Ambler - Requiring the Board of Funeral Service Examiners to post notice on its website of any disciplinary action resulting in sanctions against a licensee - To Government Organization then Judiciary


4545.By Del. Poore, Longstreth, Marshall, Moore, Guthrie, Diserio, Jones, Skaff and Walker - Relating to personal income tax (FN) - To Finance


4546.By Del. Cadle, Householder, Kump, Perdue, Ashley, Staggers, Tomblin, Barker, Eldridge, Skaff and Butler - Relating to rural community access to municipal or public service district water supplies (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4547.By Del. Phillips, L. - Relating to elections for vacancies in county offices - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary


4548.By Del. Lane - Relating to requirements for PROMISE scholarships (FN) - To Education then Finance


4549.By Del. Manchin, Moore, Eldridge and Skaff [By Request of the Alcohol Beverage Control Commissioner] - Clarifying the regulation of nonintoxicating beer brewers and distributors, agreements, networks, products, brands and extensions of a line of brands - To Judiciary


4550.By Del. Guthrie, Manchin, White, Swartzmiller, Hunt, Skaff, Caputo, Marshall, Perdue, Sponaugle and Ferro - Providing educational incentives and longevity pay for state troopers (FN) - To Finance


4551.By Del. Phillips, R., Tomblin, Lynch, Sumner, Phillips, L., Skaff, Reynolds, Barker, Eldridge, Marcum and White - Improving coal mine health and safety by requiring automatic de-energization of an extraction apparatus when methane concentration is one and five-tenths (1.5) percent - To Energy then Judiciary


4552.By Del. Hunt, Sponaugle, Wells and Manypenny - Relating to the court of claims (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4553.By Del. Hamilton, Ellem, Ellington, Longstreth, Manypenny, Evans, A., Azinger, Storch, Moore, Poling, M. and Skinner - Authorizing the Secretary of State to prosecute election violations (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


4554.By Del. Poore, Sponaugle, Andes, Fleischauer, Sobonya, Moore, McCuskey, Marshall, Barrett, Skaff and Guthrie - Adjusting penalties for willful failure to pay child support (FN) - To Judiciary


4555.By Del. Caputo, Longstreth, Manchin, Fleischauer, Marshall, Perry, Poling, M., White, Williams, Boggs and Fragale - Requiring county boards of education to provide released time for professional educators and service personnel when serving in an elected municipal or county office (FN) - To Finance


4556.By Del. Caputo, Longstreth, Manchin, Iaquinta, Jones, Boggs, Ferro, Fragale, Morgan, Stephens and Kinsey - Relating to the valuation of antique motor vehicles and classic motor vehicles for purposes of ad valorem property taxes (FN) - To Finance


4557.By Del. Fragale - Requiring that motor vehicles, except leased motor vehicles, used in a business be assessed for taxation in the tax district where the principal office for the business is located - To Finance