Thursday, January 9, 2014


House Joint Resolutions


1.         By Del. Kump - The March Legislative Session Amendment - To Judiciary


2.         By Del. Kump - Legislator Term Limit Amendment - To Judiciary


3.         By Del. Kump - Lieutenant Governor Amendment - To Judiciary


4.         By Del. Kump - Legislative Reapportionment Amendment - To Judiciary


5.         By Del. Lane - Citizens' Redistricting Commission Amendment - To Judiciary


6.         By Del. Sumner and Sobonya - Amendment clarifying that nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion - To Judiciary


7.         By Del. Fleischauer, Ferro, Ellem, Kump, Overington and Romine - Active Military Personal Property Tax Relief Amendment of 2014 (FN) - To Finance


8.         By Del. Craig, Reynolds, Pasdon and Andes - The "Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption and Rate Reduction Amendment" - To Finance


9.         By Del. Lane and Walters - The "Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


10.       By Del. Hamilton, Ireland, Romine, Rowan and Sobonya - The "Defense of Marriage Amendment" - To Judiciary


11.       By Del. Fleischauer, Marshall, Poore, Morgan, Armstead, Lane, Overington and Espinosa - The "Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


12.       By Del. Romine, Walters, Miller and Rowan - The "Super-Majority Required for Passage of Tax Bill Amendment" - To Finance


14.       By Del. Overington, Householder, Andes, Cowles and Gearheart - The "Right to Work Amendment" - To Judiciary


15.       By Del. Overington, Andes, Lane, Armstead and Walters - The "Super-Majority Required for Passage of Tax Bill Amendment" - To Finance


16.       By Del. Longstreth - The "Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


17.       By Del. Caputo, Manchin and Longstreth - The "Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


18.       By Del. Caputo, Poling, D., Longstreth and Manchin - The "Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


20.       By Del. Overington, Ellington, Sobonya, Miller, C. and Walters - The "Capital Punishment Amendment" - To Judiciary


21.       By Del. Overington, Cowles, Householder, Rowan and Howell - The "Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


22.       By Del. Overington and Walters - The "Homestead Exemption Calculation Amendment" - To Finance


23.       By Del. Anderson, Ellem, Storch, Ellington and Howell - The "Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


24.       By Del. Anderson, Nelson, E., Howell, Overington, Gearheart, Storch and Pasdon - The "Manufacturing Inventory Amendment" - To Finance


25.       By Del. Hunt - The "Elimination of Individual Terms of Circuit Courts Amendment" - To Judiciary


26.       By Del. Overington, Lane, Sobonya, Sumner, Walters, Canterbury, Andes, Frich, Raines, Border and Nelson, J. - The "Prohibiting the Governmental Taking of Private Property for Private Use Amendment" - To Judiciary


27.       By Del. Overington, Armstead, Rowan, Walters, Andes, Lane, Shott, Gearheart, Nelson, J. and Sobonya - The "Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Amendment".


28.       By Del. Howell, Storch, Canterbury, Border, Smith, R., Folk, Overington and Kump - The "Taxpayer Bill of Rights Amendment" - To Finance


29.       By Del. Swartzmiller, Ferro, Pethtel, Diserio, Jones and Caputo - The "Simple Majority Approval Amendment" - To Judiciary


30.       By Del. Marcum, Barill, Marshall, Eldridge, Ferro and Poore - The "Simple Majority Levy Approval Amendment" (FN) - To Finance


32.       By Del. Reynolds, Campbell, Eldridge, Phillips, R., Tomblin, Nelson, E., Andes and Smith, P. - The "Governor's Succession Amendment" - To Judiciary


33.       By Del. Kump, Romine, Householder, Folk, Cooper, Lynch and Smith, R. - The "County Liquor Sales Amendment" - To Judiciary


34.       By Del. Moye, Pino, Boggs and Walker - The "Marriage Protection Amendment" - To Judiciary


35.       By Del. Kump, Romine and Rowan - "Nonpartisan Election of the State Board of Education Amendment" - To Education then Judiciary


37.       By Del. Manchin, Boggs, Caputo and Longstreth - The "Homestead Exemption and Property Tax Limitation Amendment of 2014" - To Finance