Tuesday, January 21, 2014


House Concurrent Resolutions


30.       By Del. Marcum and White - Everett Ronnie Fields, Sr. Memorial Bridge - To Rules


31.       By Del. Fragale, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley) and Iaquinta - Rosalyn Queen Alonso Bridge - To Rules


32.       By Del. Phillips, R., Tomblin, Barker and Eldridge - Joe "Toby" Slade Memorial Bridge - To Rules


33.       By Del. Phillips, R., Tomblin, Barker and Eldridge - Army Sergeant Andrew Clark Bridge - To Rules


35.       By Del. Poling, M. - The Arden Bridge in Memory of Abbie Gall - To Rules


36.       By Del. Phillips, R., Tomblin, Marcum, Eldridge and Barker - Army Sergeant Billy E. Vinson Memorial Bridge - To Rules


House Resolutions


6.         By Del. Butler - Amending House Rule Nos. 25 and 26, relating to participation in House proceedings and voting by electronic teleconferencing by members no physically present due to serving on active duty - To Rules