Friday, January 24, 2014


House Concurrent Resolutions


43.       By Del. Shott, Gearheart, Ellington and Moore - Dr. William Prudich Memorial Highway - To Rules


44.       By Del. Moore, Phillips, L., Marcum and White - Carnie L. Spratt Memorial Bridge - To Rules


45.       By Del. Miller, Craig, Eldridge, Phillips, R., Morgan, Barker and Sobonya - U.S. Army SFC Bob L. VandeLinde Bridge - To Rules


46.       By Del. Marcum, White, Eldridge, Phillips, R., Tomblin and Barker - Ingram's Way - To Rules


House Resolutions


7.         By Del. Lane - Relating to requiring that a Jobs Impact Statement be attached to proposed legislation affecting employment or taxes in the state. - To Rules