Friday, February 14, 2014


House Concurrent Resolutions


92.       By Del. Boggs, Ambler, Anderson, Andes, Armstead, Arvon, Ashley, Azinger, Barker, Barrett, Border, Butler, Cadle, Campbell, Canterbury, Caputo, Cooper, Cowles, Craig, Diserio, Eldridge, Ellem, Ellington, Espinosa, Evans, A., Evans, D., Faircloth, Ferns, Ferro, Fleischauer, Folk, Fragale, Frich, Gearheart, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hamrick, Hartman, Householder, Howell, Hunt, Iaquinta, Ireland, Jones, Kinsey, Kump, Lane, Lawrence, Longstreth, Lynch, Manchin, Manypenny, Marcum, Marshall, McCuskey, Mr. Speaker (Mr. Miley), Miller, Moore, Morgan, Moye, Nelson. E., O'Neal, Overington, Pasdon, Perdue, Perry, Pethtel, Phillips, L., Phillips, R., Pino, Poling, M., Poore, Raines, Reynolds, Romine, Rowan, Shott, Skaff, Skinner, Smith, P., Smith, R., Sobonya, Sponaugle, Staggers, Stephens, Storch, Sumner, Swartzmiller, Tomblin, Walker, Walters, Wells, Westfall, White, Williams and Young - Requesting that the West Virginia School Building Authority waive local matching requirements and fund all needed improvements for the West Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind - To Rules


House Joint Resolutions


109.     By Del. Lane and Manchin - Manufacturing Inventory Amendment - To Judiciary then Finance


House Resolutions


10.       By Del. Skinner, Lane, McCuskey and Poore - Relating to requiring that a Water Impact Statement be attached to proposed legislation affecting water - To Rules