Thursday, January 16, 2014


SB 358 - Sen. Walters, Blair, Cole, D. Hall, Nohe, Palumbo, Snyder, Sypolt and Wells

Requiring Purchasing Director approve certain change orders

Government Organization

SB 359 - Sen. Beach, Palumbo, Cann, Cookman, Fitzsimmons, Jenkins, Kirkendoll, Carmichael, Nohe and Walters

Removing hand canvassing requirements of electronic voting machines (IB)


SB 360 - Sen. Cole, Barnes, Blair, Carmichael and Walters

Repealing article relating to wages for construction of public improvements (FN)

Labor then Government Organization then Finance

SB 361 - Sen. Snyder

Relating to Office of Emergency Medical Services

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 362 - Sen. Beach

Relating to time restaurants, private clubs and wineries can sell alcoholic beverages on Sundays


SB 363 - Sen. Beach

Repealing article allowing placement of roadside memorial markers

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 364 - Sen. Beach

Permitting candidate signs on road or highway rights-of-way

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 365 - Sen. Miller and Snyder

Accepting certain Ethics Acts provisions for elected Conservation District Supervisors

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 366 - Sen. Kessler (Mr. President) and M. Hall [By Request of the Executive]

Transferring CHIP from Department of Administration to DHHR

Health and Human Resources then Judiciary

SB 367 - Sen. Palumbo

Correcting internal code reference regarding judges and prosecutors carrying firearms


SB 368 - Sen. Snyder and Blair

Repealing article relating to unfair trade practices


SB 369 - Sen. Snyder, Blair, Boley, Cann, Cookman, Green and Yost

Requiring state procurement by competitive bidding (IB)

Government Organization then Judiciary

SB 370 - Sen. Palumbo

Relating to sentencing and parole of juveniles treated as adults


SB 371 - Sen. Beach

Prohibiting possession of wild and exotic animals

Natural Resources then Judiciary

SB 372 - Sen. Beach

Permitting certain auxiliary lighting on motorcycles

Transportation and Infrastructure then Judiciary

SB 373 - Sen. Unger and Kessler (Mr. President)

Incorporating State Water Resources Management Plan into Water Resources Protection and Management Act

Natural Resources then Judiciary

SCR 7 - Sen. Beach

Requesting Star City interchange on I-79 in Morgantown be named "Michael A. Oliverio, Sr. Interchange"