Wednesday, January 14, 2015


2001.By Del. Gearheart, Nelson, J., Arvon, Ellington, Folk, White, B., Frich, Hill, Householder, Moffatt and Shott - Repeal the Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Act - To Energy then Judiciary


2002.By Del. Wagner, Overington, Evans, A., Anderson, Waxman, Shott, Kelly, Nelson, E., Folk, Espinosa and Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) - Predicating actions for damages upon principles of comparative fault - To Judiciary


2003.By Del. Ambler, Anderson, Canterbury, O'Neal, Border, Sobonya, Weld, Hamilton, Ashley, Ireland and Evans, A. - Relating to the liability of a possessor of real property for harm to a trespasser - To Judiciary


2004.By Del. Nelson, J., Howell, Statler, Walters, Foster, Zatezalo, White, B., Moffatt, Stansbury, Gearheart and Butler - Providing a procedure for the development of a state plan under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act (FN) - To Energy then Judiciary


2005.By Del. Pasdon, Hamrick, Zatezalo, Romine, McCuskey, Walters, Westfall, Arvon, Overington, Espinosa and Moffatt - Relating to alternative programs for the education of teachers - To Education then Finance


2006.By Del. Weld, Rohrbach, Zatezalo, Arvon, Espinosa, Waxman, Howell, Cowles, Ellington, Pasdon and Householder - Relating to medical professional liability - To Judiciary


2007.By Del. Stansbury, Westfall, Pasdon, Rohrbach, Hamilton, Statler, Walters, Ellington, Fast, McCuskey and Border - Requiring CPR to be taught in the public school system - To Education then Finance


2008.By Del. Summers, Evans, D., Hamrick, Ashley, Ireland, Stansbury, Gearheart, Nelson, E., Howell, Blair and Kurcaba - Auditing the Division of Highways - To Government Organization then Finance


2009.By Del. Fast, Duke, Summers, Rohrbach, Border, Hamilton, McGeehan, Storch, Arvon, Romine and Cowles - Allowing State Police, police, sheriffs and fire and emergency service personnel to possess naloxone or other approved opioid antagonist (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2010.By Del. Kessinger, McCuskey, Border, Shott, Rowan, Frich, Westfall, Lane, Anderson, Sobonya and Faircloth - Requiring the elections of justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, circuit court judges, family court judges and magistrates be nonpartisan and by division - To Judiciary


2011.By Del. Hanshaw, Shott, Nelson, E., Rohrbach, Sobonya, Weld, Espinosa, Statler, Fast and Miller - Relating to disbursements from the Workers' Compensation Fund where an injury is self inflicted or intentionally caused by the employer - To Judiciary


2012.By Del. White, B., Nelson, E., Storch, Zatezalo, Pasdon, Ashley, Duke, Westfall, McCuskey and Cowles - Relating to the payment of wages by employers and when final wages are required to be paid - To Industry and Labor then Finance


2013.By Del. Waxman, O'Neal, Hamilton, Butler, Anderson, Cowles, Storch, Ireland, Householder, Evans, D. and Smith, R. - Relating to the liability of a possessor of real property for injuries caused by open and obvious hazards - To Judiciary


2014.By Del. Upson, Pasdon, Cowles, McCuskey, Hamrick, Ihle, Walters, Overington, Faircloth and Azinger - West Virginiana Public Charter Schools Act of 2015 (FN) - To Education then Finance


2015.By Del. Foster, Espinosa, Summers, Miller, Lane, Duke, Ellington, McGeehan, Storch, Howell and Ihle - Requiring the Legislative Auditor to conduct performance reviews and audits for every government spending unit, including all members of the Board of Public Works and the Legislature (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


2017.By Del. Shott - Providing for the posting of unenclosed lands to prohibit hunting, trapping or fishing - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


2018.By Del. Cooper - Providing a fee discount for certain nonresident hunting, fishing and trapping licenses for native nonresidents (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


2019.By Del. Caputo - Requiring the mine foreman examiner to review the employment history and certify that the applicant - To Industry and Labor then Judiciary


2020.By Del. Lane - Relating to requirements for PROMISE scholarships - To Education then Finance


2021.By Del. Lane - Implementing drug testing for recipients of federal-state and state assistance - To Health and Human Resources then Finance


2022.By Del. Lane - Prohibiting certain political fund-raising activities for members of the Legislature during certain periods of time (FN) - To Judiciary


2023.By Del. Lane - Requiring the reporting and publication of all compensation, including the source of that compensation, paid to lobbyists - To Judiciary then Finance


2024.By Del. Guthrie - Requiring preplanning, preparing and provisioning of public facilities for use as shelters for elderly and disabled during emergency situations (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance


2025.By Del. Howell, Shott, Hamrick, Romine, Sobonya, Espinosa, Miller, Weld, Statler, Kurcaba and Canterbury - Prohibiting certain sex offenders from loitering within one thousand feet of a school or child care facility - To Judiciary


2026.By Del. Howell, Canterbury, Hamrick, Ambler, Zatezalo, McCuskey, Espinosa, Cadle, Evans, D., Rowan and Hartman - Allowing terminally ill patients to have access to investigational products that have not been approved by the federal food and drug administration - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2027.By Del. Howell, Weld, Kurcaba, Hamrick, Canterbury, Zatezalo, Ambler, McCuskey, Espinosa, Evans, D. and Rowan - Requiring circuit courts to review foreign court judgments for jurisdiction before such orders may be enforced (FN) - To Judiciary


2028.By Del. Shott - Relating generally to purchasing - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2029.By Del. Shott - Allowing counties and municipalities to levy a sales tax on food and beverages sold at restaurants (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance


2030.By Del. Romine - Relating to the issuance of driver's licenses and disposition - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary


2031.By Del. Romine - Prohibiting the performance of any abortion when the woman seeking it is doing so solely on account of the gender of the fetus (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2032.By Del. Romine - Increasing salary increments paid to principals and assistant principals (FN) - To Education then Finance


2033.By Del. Williams - Captive Cervid Farming Act - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


2034.By Del. Williams - Providing immunity from civil liability hospital volunteers who in good faith render emergency care at a hospital - To Judiciary


2035.By Del. Williams - Reducing the wholesale tax on heating fuel, off road fuels, kerosene and propane used for home heating purposes or off road use (FN) - To Finance


2036.By Del. Williams - Providing that when a person from another state writes a worthless check in this state which results in a summons to appear in magistrate court but then fails to appear shall have his or her privilege to drive in this state revoked (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2037.By Del. Williams and Moye - Taxing of utility terrain vehicles (FN) - To Roads and Transportation then Finance


2038.By Del. Smith, R. - Relating to excuses from jury service - To Judiciary


2039.By Del. Shott, Nelson, E. and Gearheart - Raising the maximum personal income tax exemption for persons over the age of sixty-five and for persons who are totally disabled (FN) - To Finance


2040.By Del. Guthrie - Adding domestic violence and fraud to the list of crimes for which conviction would bar a person from holding public office - To Judiciary


2041.By Del. Guthrie and Skinner - Establishing requirements for prior review of all privatization proposals (FN) - To Industry and Labor then Finance


2042.By Del. Guthrie - West Virginia Renewable Energy Act (FN) - To Energy then Finance


2043.By Del. Guthrie - Granting all public employees a $1,000 per year permanent pay increase (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


2044.By Del. Perdue, Fleischauer, Eldridge, Cowles, Miller, Border, Rowan and Ellington - Relating generally to administration of an opioid antagonist - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]


2045.By Del. Perdue, Fleischauer, Cowles, Miller, Rowan and Border - Overdose Prevention Act - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]


2046.By Del. Perdue, Fleischauer, Miller, Rowan, Border and Ellington - Relating to treatment for sexually transmitted diseases - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary - [Interim Bill]


2047.By Del. Shott - Continuing the fraud control unit in the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2048.By Del. Shott - Relating to juvenile proceedings (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2049.By Del. Shott, Cooper, Gearheart and Ambler - Requiring the Parkways Authority to provide free daily toll passes for veterans under certain circumstances - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance


2050.By Del. Guthrie - Relating generally to the accountability of a corporation's political activities - To Judiciary then Finance


2051.By Del. Shott - Limiting the use of credit information in connection with the declination and termination of property insurance - To Banking and Insurance then Finance


2052.By Del. Shott - Relating to the labor-management relations act for the private sector - To Industry and Labor then Judiciary


2053.By Del. Shott - Relating to the form of trust deeds - To Judiciary


2054.By Del. Shott - Relating to the right of the landlord of commercial premises to terminate the lease under certain circumstances - To Judiciary


2055.By Del. Shott - Exempting from excise taxation the transfer of real property from an individual to a wholly-owned subsidiary (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2056.By Del. Faircloth and Hamilton - Making clear that the Pledge of Allegiance said each instructional day in West Virginia public schools shall include the phrase "one nation under God." - To Education then Judiciary