Friday, January 30, 2015


2516.By Del. Moffatt, Eldridge, Phillips, R., Rodighiero, Stansbury, Hill, Kurcaba, McGeehan, Ihle, Fast and Kessinger - Awarding of a posthumous high school diploma to parents of a high school senior who dies during the senior year; "Todd's Law" - To Education


2517.By Del. Ferro, Walters, Perry, Fluharty, Storch, Smith, P., Longstreth, Trecost, Sponaugle and Reynolds - Updating the Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act - To Judiciary


2518.By Del. Walters, Pasdon, Householder, Ellington, Folk, Kurcaba, Fleischauer, Sponaugle, Reynolds, Perdue and Blair - Requiring insurers issuing group accident and sickness insurance policies to certain employers to furnish claims loss experience to policyholders - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


2519.By Del. Ferro, Walters, Pethtel, Perry, Fluharty, Storch, Smith, P., Longstreth, Trecost, Hornbuckle and Reynolds - Creating the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act - To Judiciary - [Interim Bill]


2520.By Del. Rowan, Phillips, L., Border, Campbell, Arvon, Kessinger, Miller and Longstreth - Relating to domestic violence victims' eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits - To Judiciary then Finance


2521.By Del. Canterbury, Pethtel, Folk, Walters, Hamilton, Marcum and Hicks [By Request of the Consolidated Public Retirement Board] - Clarifying the scope, application and methods for error correction required by the CPRB - To Pensions and Retirement then Judiciary


2522.By Del. Lynch, Smith, P., Evans, A., Romine, Hamilton, Householder, Boggs, Miley, White, H., Fluharty and Perry - Exempting State Teachers Retirement System pension benefits from West Virginia personal income taxation - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance


2523.By Del. Ashley - Creating a special revenue account to offset costs for the West Virginia State Police 100th Anniversary in 2019 - To Finance


2524.By Del. Overington, Householder, Faircloth, Blair and Folk - Changing the Martinsburg Public Library to the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary - [Local Bill]


2525.By Mr. Speaker (Mr. Armstead) [By Request of the Executive] - Relating to the West Virginia Fire, EMS and Law-Enforcement Officer Survivor Benefit Act - To Judiciary then Finance