Wednesday, February 4, 2015


2581.By Del. Howell, Blair, Faircloth, Smith, R., Sponaugle, Overington, Evans, A., Householder, Duke, Rowan and Espinosa - Relating to the Chesapeake Bay watershed; and establishing a comprehensive nutrient reduction credit trading program - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


2582.By Del. Guthrie, Pushkin, Rowe, Sponaugle, Byrd and Phillips, L. - Requiring the State Board of Education to cause school buses to be equipped with safety belts (FN) - To Education then Finance


2583.By Del. Ihle, Kessinger, McGeehan, Faircloth, Moffatt, Householder, Hill, Canterbury, Kurcaba, Blair and Cadle - Removing the publication requirements of financial statements for municipalities (FN) - To Political Subdivisions then Finance


2584.By Del. Rohrbach, Sobonya, Shott, Miller, Hicks, Reynolds and Rowe - Allowing a judge to excuse a potential juror from jury duty until a later date based on seasonal employment - To Judiciary


2585.By Del. Border, Anderson, Ireland, Miller, Kessinger, Zatezalo, Kelly, Cadle, Smith, R., Phillips, L. and Caputo - Requiring leaseholders of mineral interests to notify the owners of the minerals when there is an assignment of the lease to another party - To Judiciary


2586.By Del. Shott, Lane, Miller, Frich, Rowan, Fleischauer, Sobonya, Border, Pasdon, Waxman and Summers [By Request of the Supreme Court of Appeals ] - Allowing for an alternative form of service of process in actions against nonresident persons by petitioners seeking domestic violence or personal safety relief - To Judiciary


2587.By Del. Hicks, Eldridge, Rodighiero, Marcum, Reynolds and Perdue - Creating tax credits for new small businesses created in this state and operating entirely within West Virginia (FN) - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Finance


2588.By Del. Nelson, E., Lane, Howell, Kurcaba, O'Neal, Westfall, McCuskey, Byrd, Gearheart, Storch and Espinosa - Relating to the filing of financial statements with the Secretary of State - To Judiciary


2589.By Del. Ellington, Householder and Pasdon - Establishing an appeal process for decisions issued by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Board of Review and the Bureau for Medical Services - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2590.By Del. Howell, Zatezalo, Ihle, Foster, Cadle, Kelly, Azinger, Hill, Faircloth, Stansbury and Summers - Providing that residents sixty-five years of age or older are not required to have a license to hunt, trap or fish - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


2591.By Del. Weld - Implementing a quality control procedure for agency rules - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2592.By Del. Howell, Faircloth, Ihle, Cadle, Hill, Hamrick, Moffatt, Smith, R., Stansbury, Hartman and Morgan - Improving accountability in the state purchasing system - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2593.By Del. Faircloth, McGeehan, Moffatt, Kessinger, Nelson, J., Ihle and Foster - Creating the Private Property Protection Act (FN) - To Judiciary


2594.By Del. McGeehan, Canterbury, Faircloth, Hill, Kessinger and Ihle - Requiring that all higher education institutions in the state award credit to transfer students for similar courses completed at a different institution - To Education


2595.By Del. McGeehan and Canterbury - Relating to certificates of need for the development of health facilities in this state - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2596.By Del. Hill, Kessinger, Householder and Kurcaba - Providing that all hunting and fishing licenses are valid for one year from the date issued (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


2597.By Del. McGeehan and Nelson, J. - Exempting all monetary benefits derived from military retirement from personal income tax obligations (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance


2598.By Del. Campbell, Perry, Cowles, Ambler, Cooper, Reynolds, Rowan, Moye, Pasdon and Marcum - Ensuring that teachers of students with disabilities receive complete information about the school's plan for accommodating the child's disabilities - To Education


2599.By Del. McGeehan and Wagner - Exempting personal income earned by individuals working as teachers at primary and secondary schools from personal income tax (FN) - To Education then Finance


2600.By Del. McGeehan, Canterbury, Ihle and Nelson, J. - Fair Trial Act - To Judiciary


2601.By Del. Skinner, Faircloth, Householder, Overington and Blair - Adding motor fuel to the list of products exempted from unfair trade practices - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary


2602.By Del. Kurcaba, Householder, Fast, Faircloth, Evans, D., Cadle, Wagner, Zatezalo and Ihle - Requiring a voter to present an identifying document issued by the State of West Virginia or a United States military identification card that contains the name, address and a photograph of the person desiring to vote - To Judiciary


2603.By Del. Pushkin, Walters, Rowe, Canterbury, Folk, Stansbury, Byrd, Marcum, White, B. and McCuskey - Allowing certain county or regional solid waste authorities in growth areas to designate common carriers of solid waste exempt from the requirement for a certificate of convenience - To Political Subdivisions then Judiciary


2604.By Del. Pushkin, Sponaugle, Fluharty, Hornbuckle, McGeehan, Perdue, Skinner, McCuskey, Guthrie, Moore and Fleischauer - Creating the Second Chance for Employment Act - To Judiciary


2605.By Del. Moore, Phillips, L., Hornbuckle and Shott - Removing the limitation on actions against the perpetrator of sexual assault or sexual abuse upon a minor - To Judiciary


2606.By Del. Sponaugle and Shott - Clarifying the potential sentence for disorderly conduct - To Judiciary


2607.By Del. Sponaugle and Shott - Relating to the violation of interfering with emergency services communications and clarifying penalties - To Judiciary


2608.By Del. Sponaugle and Shott - Cleaning up redundant language in the statute relating to misdemeanor offenses for violation of protective orders - To Judiciary


2609.By Del. Faircloth, Blair, Folk and Householder - Prohibiting railroads from blocking crossings on privately owned streets - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary