Tuesday, February 10, 2015


2673.By Del. Espinosa and Walters - Relating to liens on vehicles - To Roads and Transportation then Finance


2674.By Del. Kurcaba, Householder, Pasdon, Statler, Ellington, Cooper and Ambler - Making home schooled students eligible for a Promise scholarship without taking the GED test (FN) - To Education then Finance


2675.By Del. Nelson, E., Ashley, Hanshaw, Ireland, Smith, R., Storch, Phillips, R., White, B., McCuskey, Waxman and Summers - Reducing certain severance taxes that are dedicated to the Workers' Compensation Debt Reduction Fund (FN) - To Finance


2676.By Del. Nelson, J., Miller, Longstreth, Ferro, Hamilton, Phillips, L., Guthrie, Byrd, Duke, Storch and Fluharty [By Request of the Secretary of State ] - Defining a veteran-owned business and exempting such businesses from the initial registration and certain annual report fees (FN) - To Veterans' Affairs and Homeland Security then Finance


2677.By Del. Hamrick - Creating a legislative commission to study the feasibility of the state entering into sponsorship agreements for transportation structures - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary


2678.By Del. Evans, A., Eldridge, Hamilton, Phillips, L., Guthrie, Ambler and Romine [By Request of the Department of Agriculture ] - Exempting certain agencies from seeking the advice of the Attorney General to adjust and settle upon certain accounts or claims - To Judiciary


2679.By Del. Morgan, Fleischauer, Miley, Caputo, Moore, Phillips, L., Hornbuckle, Rowe, Lynch, Pushkin and Perdue - Good Jobs First Act - To Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development then Judiciary


2680.By Del. Longstreth [By Request of the Secretary of State ] - Relating to notices of revocation of certificate of authority - To Judiciary


2681.By Del. Longstreth [By Request of the Secretary of State ] - Repealing outdated language for fees to be charged by a notary public - To Judiciary


2682.By Del. Hamilton, Longstreth, Ferro and Guthrie [By Request of the Secretary of State ] - Relating to donations of overpayment of fees to the Secretary of State - To Judiciary then Finance


2683.By Del. Smith, P. - Adding an additional magistrate court deputy clerk position for Lewis County (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2684.By Del. Longstreth, Shott, Smith, R., Howell, Gearheart and Sponaugle - Creating a one-day special license for charitable events to sell nonintoxicating beer and wine - To Judiciary then Finance


2685.By Del. Campbell, Perry, Ellington, Ashley, Moore, Rowan, Hamrick, Perdue, Kelly, Rohrbach and Pasdon - Relating to eligible uses of prepaid tuition plans generally (FN) - To Education then Finance


2686.By Del. Perry, Cooper, Ambler, Hill, Perdue, Lynch, Phillips, R. and Miley - Providing funds for the Tourism Promotion Fund - To Finance


2687.By Del. Sponaugle, Phillips, L., White, H., Williams, Guthrie, Perdue, Reynolds, Hartman, Fluharty, Trecost and Moore - Relating to personal income taxes (FN) - To Finance