Thursday, February 12, 2015


2701.By Del. McCuskey, Ashley, Nelson, E., Rohrbach and Westfall - Relating to motor vehicle dealers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary


2702.By Del. Pasdon, Perry, Moye, Hamrick, Campbell, Statler, Rowan and Espinosa - Redefining service personnel class titles of early childhood classroom assistant teacher - To Education


2703.By Del. Hamilton, Moore, Evans, A. and Canterbury [By Request of the Corrections, Division of ] - Permitting in absentia parole hearings in certain instances - To Judiciary


2704.By Del. Morgan - Increasing sales and use taxes by one percent (FN) - To Finance


2705.By Del. Phillips, L., Eldridge, Longstreth, Ferro, Trecost, Hornbuckle, Guthrie, Perdue, Campbell and Smith, P. - Providing a pay increase for certain employees of the Department of Health and Human Resources (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


2706.By Del. Phillips, L., Guthrie, Smith, P., Perdue, Eldridge, Moore, Ferro, Trecost, Pethtel, Miley and Moye - Providing a pay increase for certain employees of the Division of Highways (FN) - To Government Organization then Finance


2707.By Del. Eldridge, Marcum, Hicks, Rodighiero, Perdue and Campbell - Permitting certain surface owners to purchase gas at market rates - To Energy then Judiciary


2708.By Del. Skinner, Fleischauer, Reynolds, Sponaugle, Guthrie, Folk, Pushkin and McCuskey - Requiring various professionals who provide mental health-related services, complete course work in suicide assessment, treatment and management - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2709.By Del. Sponaugle, White, H., Marcum, Campbell, Phillips, R., Hartman, Walters, Fluharty, Miley, Boggs and Byrd - Exempting a percentage of social security benefits from personal income tax (FN) - To Senior Citizen Issues then Finance


2710.By Del. Skinner (By Request) - Requiring the Public Service Commission to establish rates which ensure that the future customers to be served by the new project are solely responsible only for the debt costs associated for that specific project - To Judiciary


2711.By Del. Marcum, White, H., Phillips, R., Rodighiero, Eldridge and Campbell - Providing for a scratch-off game to fund a drug treatment facility on post-mine land in Mingo and Logan Counties (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2712.By Del. Skinner, Reynolds, Pushkin, Sponaugle, Guthrie and Householder - Relating to employment and privacy protection - To Judiciary


2713.By Del. Byrd, McCuskey, Stansbury, White, H., Guthrie, Pushkin, Rowe, Reynolds, Fleischauer, Lynch and Fluharty - Providing taxpayers repaying their own student loans a modification reducing federal adjusted gross in the amount of the interest paid (FN) - To Education then Finance


2714.By Del. Evans, A., Eldridge, Hamilton, Phillips, L., Guthrie and Romine [By Request of the Department of Agriculture ] - Altering the method of determining when the Department of Agriculture must deposit into the General Revenue Fund funds it collects (FN) - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Finance


2715.By Del. Sobonya, Frich, Miller, Householder, Butler, Ihle and Kurcaba - Making it illegal to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion without written consent of both parents (FN) - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2716.By Del. Nelson, J., Longstreth, Ferro, Hamilton, Phillips, L. and Guthrie [By Request of the Secretary of State ] - Relating to charitable organizations - To Finance


2717.By Del. Marcum, Pasdon, Perry, White, H., Phillips, R., Williams, Eldridge, Rodighiero, Reynolds, Campbell and Moye - Relating to hiring of public school employees - To Education


2718.By Del. Gearheart, Butler, Hamrick, Ihle, Householder, Westfall, Miller, Border, Cooper, Hanshaw and Ellington - Transferring funds remaining in the Racetrack Modernization Fund to the State Road Fund and closing the Racetrack Modernization Fund - To Finance


2719.By Del. Skinner, Campbell, Reynolds, Overington and Fluharty - Increasing the criminal penalties for participating in an animal fighting venture (FN) - To Judiciary