Friday, February 13, 2015


2720.By Del. Deem, Kelly and Azinger - Increasing the amount a person receiving a disability benefit from a municipal policemen's or firemen's pension and relief fund may earn from employment or self employment without penalty (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance


2721.By Del. Hamilton, Moore, Evans, A. and Canterbury [By Request of the Corrections, Division of ] - Specifying who receives notice of parole hearings via regular or certified mail (FN) - To Judiciary


2722.By Del. Anderson, Hamilton, Border, Canterbury, Romine, Evans, D. and Hamrick - Requiring oil and gas lessees to make royalty payments within one hundred twenty days of production - To Energy then Finance


2723.By Del. Howell - Relating to the expiration of the Multi-State Real-Time Tracking System - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2724.By Del. Sobonya, Householder, Rohrbach, Hamrick, Foster and Howell - Requiring benefit access devices to benefits provided by the Department of Human Services, to have a photograph of the person to whom a device was issued - To Judiciary


2725.By Del. Miller, Sobonya, Border, Rowan, Rohrbach, Folk, Eldridge, Ferro and Hornbuckle - Permitting playground facilities to be part of a school construction project (FN) - To Education then Finance


2726.By Del. Shott, Folk, Overington, Sponaugle, Azinger, Deem and Waxman - Clarifying choice of laws issues in product's liability actions - To Judiciary


2727.By Del. Householder, Cadle, Gearheart, Kurcaba, Statler, Wagner, Butler, Blair and Summers - Exempting certain health care professionals from licensure requirements while performing charity care - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2728.By Del. McCuskey and Westfall - Relating to risk-based capital reporting for health organizations - To Banking and Insurance then Finance


2729.By Del. Householder, Kurcaba, Statler, Butler and Summers - Relating to welfare system integrity (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2730.By Del. Sponaugle (By Request) - Updating unlawful methods of bear hunting and clarifying the process for bear damage claims - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


2731.By Del. Perry, Boggs, Ferro, Ashley, Cadle, Storch, Perdue, Williams, Moye, Campbell and Morgan - Increasing salaries and creating longevity pay increases for all employees of the Division of Corrections, the Regional Jail Authority and the Division of Juvenile Services (FN) - To Finance


2732.By Del. Howell, Sobonya, Rohrbach, Householder, Folk, Marcum, Kurcaba, Stansbury and Miller - Relating to the Real Estate Commission and licenses issued by the commission - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2733.By Del. Ellington and Householder - Removing certain combinations of drugs containing hydrocodone from Schedule III of the controlled substances law - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2734.By Del. Ellington, Householder, Blair and Summers - Extending the Multi-State Real-Time Tracking System - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2735.By Del. Householder, Cadle, Cowles, Gearheart, Kurcaba, Statler, Butler, Blair and Summers - Changing the date the unemployment fund reaches a certain level to reduce the threshold wage - To Finance


2736.By Del. Nelson, J., Howell, McGeehan, Householder, Hamrick, Ihle, Frich, Zatezalo, Moffatt, Reynolds and Sponaugle - Relating to regulation of transportation network companies - To Roads and Transportation then Judiciary


2737.By Del. Householder, Cadle, Gearheart, Butler and Cowles - Prohibiting licensure board from hiring or contracting with lobbyist - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2738.By Del. Ellington and Householder - Relating to the Women's Commission and placing it in the Department of Commerce - To Government Organization


2739.By Del. Folk, Hamrick, McGeehan, Nelson, J. and Faircloth - Requiring regional airport authority board members to include persons of area expertise - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2740.By Del. Hamrick, McGeehan, Nelson, J. and Romine - Clarifying how members of regional airport authority boards are to be allocated - To Political Subdivisions then Government Organization


2741.By Del. Householder and Butler - Uncompensated Care Liability Act - To Health and Human Resources then Judiciary


2742.By Del. Ellington and Householder - Recalculating child support obligations - To Judiciary


2743.By Del. McCuskey, Westfall, Ashley, Shott and Skinner - Relating to additional duties of the Public Service Commission - To Energy then Finance


2744.By Del. Howell, Sobonya, Westfall, White, H., Williams, Householder, Marcum and Cowles - Preempting any local law, rule, regulation, ordinance, or policy regulating the environmental or operational aspects of any public utility within the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission; providing exceptions - To Government Organization then Judiciary


2745.By Del. Howell, Faircloth, Hill, Ihle, Blair, Arvon, Stansbury, McGeehan, Hamrick, Phillips, R. and Kessinger - Requiring an exempt spending unit to obtain authorization from the director of purchasing before entering into a contract for an amount equal to or exceeding ninety percent of the value of the largest contract - To Government Organization then Finance


2746.By Del. Ashley, Arvon, Campbell, Espinosa, Westfall, McCuskey, Upson and Smith, P. - Requiring that athletic trainers be licensed, instead of registered, by West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy - To Government Organization


2747.By Del. Canterbury - Prohibiting the expenditures for meals and beverages for members of the Legislature and their staff by lobbyists - To Judiciary


2748.By Del. Ellington and Householder - Relating to living arrangements for children in foster care and living arrangements for children sixteen years or older - To Judiciary


2749.By Del. Ellington, Howell, Border, Householder, Gearheart, Storch, Overington, Miller, Faircloth, Kurcaba and Pasdon - Relating to the secondary schools athletic commission - To Education


2750.By Del. Canterbury, Walters, McGeehan, Evans, A., Faircloth, Romine, Ambler, Cooper, Border and Ihle - Abolishing the adverse possession of land - To Judiciary


2751.By Del. Nelson, J., McGeehan, Ihle, Weld, Eldridge, Smith, R., Folk, Zatezalo, White, H., Cadle and Lynch - Allowing hunting and trapping on private lands throughout the state on Sundays - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary