Tuesday, February 17, 2015


2779.By Del. Pasdon, Statler, Kurcaba, Sobonya, Espinosa, Rohrbach, Fleischauer, Miller, Perry and Morgan - Creating the crime of trademark counterfeiting (FN) - To Judiciary


2780.By Del. Pasdon, Statler, Kurcaba, Duke, Sobonya, Espinosa, Rohrbach, Fleischauer, Miller and Morgan - Enhancing the ability of campus police officers at state institutions of higher education to perform their duties - To Education then Finance


2781.By Del. Westfall, Cowles, Ellington, Summers, Foster, Waxman, Williams, Shott, Hanshaw, Campbell and Sobonya - Allowing a medical power of attorney representative or surrogate to waive the incapacitated person's right to a trial by jury - To Judiciary


2782.By Del. Skinner - Adjusting the judicial circuits of West Virginia (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2783.By Del. Sponaugle - Modifying procedures available to persons to address bears causing property damage or destruction - To Agriculture and Natural Resources then Judiciary


2784.By Del. Lynch, Moore and Ashley - Requiring certification of correctness as to design, construction and performance of domestic and commercial liquefied petroleum gas-consuming equipment and appliances - To Industry and Labor then Judiciary


2785.By Del. Lynch, Rowe, Evans, D., Ambler, Marcum, Phillips, L., Sponaugle, Arvon, Anderson, Hanshaw and Eldridge - Statewide Interoperable Radio Network Act (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance


2786.By Del. Pasdon, Statler, Kurcaba, Duke, Cooper, Sobonya, Espinosa, Evans, D. and Upson - Prohibiting transfers of school personnel to other positions under certain conditions - To Education


2787.By Del. Rowe - Relating to hearings before the Office of Administrative Hearings (FN) - To Judiciary


2788.By Del. Rowe, Guthrie, Moore, McCuskey, Pushkin and Fleischauer - Providing school days to register and transport students to vote (FN) - To Education then Judiciary


2789.By Del. Ihle, McGeehan, Hill, Householder, Cadle, Ashley and Westfall - Relating to neighborhood investment program advisory boards - To Judiciary


2790.By Del. Westfall, Waxman and Shott - Relating to minimum responsibility limits of car insurance - To Banking and Insurance then Judiciary


2791.By Del. Smith, P., Boggs, Trecost, Perry, Campbell, Moye, Williams, Phillips, L., Eldridge, Rodighiero and Hicks - Increasing benefits of retired state personnel and retired teachers (FN) - To Pensions and Retirement then Finance


2792.By Del. Phillips, R. - Relating to the business and occupation tax (FN) - To Finance


2793.By Del. Kurcaba, Statler, Ellington, Pasdon, Cooper, Ambler and Kelly - Relating generally to home schooling - To Education


2794.By Del. Eldridge and Hicks - Making changes to the definition of contractor for purposes of the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Act - To Industry and Labor then Government Organization


2795.By Del. Westfall, White, B. and McCuskey - Providing that when a party's health condition is at issue in a civil action, medical records and releases for medical information may be requested and required without court order - To Judiciary