Friday, January 23, 2015


House Concurrent Resolutions


21.       By Del. Statler, Kurcaba, Fleischauer, Frich, Border, Pasdon, Evans, D., Summers, Pethtel, Blair, Hamrick and Pushkin - The PFC James Elwood Wickline Memorial Bridge - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


22.       By Del. Marcum, Phillips, R., White, H., Eldridge, Reynolds, Perdue, Hartman, Sponaugle, Moffatt, Rodighiero and Campbell - Requesting the Division of Highways to build the bridge on County Route 65/03 located near Tug Valley High School in Naugatuck, Mingo County - To Roads and Transportation then Rules


House Joint Resolutions


11.       By Del. Longstreth, Hamilton, Guthrie and Sponaugle - The Homestead Exemption Increase Amendment (FN) - To Judiciary then Finance